iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch Unlock Instructions

Sunday 4th January 2009 - 19:25

By now, most folks know that Apple has partnered with a limited number of wireless carriers to sell and support the iPhone. For those that like the partners offered, or already use the service where the iPhone is working, no problems. For everyone else, you are shut out of official support of the world's coolest Smartphone. There is an answer, however, if you would like to have an iPhone and run it on a non supported wireless carrier: unlock your iPhone (or iPod Touch) and use it on the service of your choice (even pay-as-you-go services). A dedicated group of software engineers has created a sweet set of software to do this.

The software used to unlock your iPhone or Touch comes from the good folks at the iPhone Dev Team. You could certainly head over to their website for the code, but the Crunch folks do a better job of step by step instructions on how to install this.

The Team:
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Perfect instructions for unlocking your iPhone (original or 3G) or iPod Touch were written up at CrunchGear, including step by step how-to and picture instructions.

Full iPhone Unlock Instructions here (CrunchGear)
Source: SmartPhoneBlog
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