Motorola to Drop Symbian, Android on the Way

Friday 26th December 2008 - 18:35

Motorola [NYSE:MOT] is apparently dropping its support of the Symbian operating system and all of its internal engineering resources will be redirected at a revamped lineup featuring 3 operating systems: Windows Mobile for the smartphone lineup, Motorola's home-grown OS for all 'dumb' devices and finally Android for brand new multimedia (superphone?) devices launching in 2009.

Motorola has been struggling to survive in the mobile phone manufacturing business. After numerous attempts to keep momentum flowing following the ridiculous success of the RAZR phone (still the #1 phone in the U.S.), Moto has fallen flat in the race to have the best Smartphone. The Q series has never had a huge impact, and it falls short in most areas when lined up against the Blackberry models (and even Palm). With Samsung, LG, Sony and Nokia sucking air out of its efforts, it looks like Moto should either reenter with something earth-shattering (hello Moto, why not release the real iPhone killer based on Android??) or sell off its phone business all together.

HTC is is quickly (and quietly) becoming the dominant Smartphone OEM in the US marketplace, taking off where at the interesection where Moto is waiting to figure out its next moves. I, for one, have been a long time fan of Motorola, having been a real Timeport fan, and would be sad if they went away.
Source: SmartPhoneBlog
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