Final Chance to Nominate Smartphone Person/Product Of The Year

Tuesday 20th January 2009 - 21:48

The new year may well be firmly underway but there's still plenty of time to submit your nominations and votes for' 2008 Man and Product of the Year awards.

We have already received numerous nominations from readers in both award categories.

On the hardware side, the HTC Touch Pro is a leading contender for product of the year - praised for being "the most versatile device available today for anyone who uses their smartphone as a portable".

On the application front, various front-runners are emerging, including fring, OnRelay, AmazeGPS and Nimbuzz.

Fans of OnRelay describe it as "the coolest thing ever", a "new and exciting product" and the "best fixed mobile convergence product on the market by far".

Comments for fring are equally enthusiastic, with readers labelling it the "most wonderful application" they'd come across and a "simple and easy way to keep in touch".

AmazeGPS is variously described as the "best free navigation system" and is lauded for "kicking dust" at expensive competitors.

Finally, Nimbuzz is singled out for its "stability, well thought-out interface and impressive network support".

For Person of the Year, Ivor Plahte, CEO and co-founder of OnRelay, is the leading nominee.
Ivor Plahte, CEO, OnRelay

He is described as being the company's "driving force" and at the "forefront of mobile telephony".

Praise indeed but don't let it stop you putting forward other contenders.

Please send us your product or person nominations before the end of January.
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