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American Idol fans who happen to own an iPhone or iPod Touch will be happy to know that FreemantleMedia in collaboration with Zumobi Networks has come out with the American Idol Season 8 Exclusive app. This nifty little app is your one-top-shop for your daily fix of American Idol goodies ranging from news, photos, bios, and even videos. There?s also a My Rankings features that allows you to keep track of the performance of your AI picks. This is definitely something for the AI fanatics. The American Idol Season 8 Exclusive app is retailing for $1.99, but before you purchase this app, here?s something to think about; why is it called American Idol Season 8 Exclusive and not American Idol Exclusive? We?ll probably get the answer to that question when season 8 of American Idol finally comes to a close and season 9 begins.

[ai season 8 exclusive app; unwiredview via cellphones etc]

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