Sprite Mobile Over The Air Backup

Wednesday 1st April 2009 - 04:00


"Virtual Mobile is an online service allowing you to backup and control your whole mobile life. It allows you to securely remote control your mobile device and its data from any computer with an Internet connection. Virtual Mobile is a combination of all our award winning software. Secure your mobile device online with our new integrated Backup, Device Management and Security solution."

This is from the team that does Sprite Backup, but now it is online. Features include:

  • Backup and manage your contacts, calendar, sms, photos, calendar and call history securely online.
  • Control up to four phones from one VM account.
  • Restore or Migrate your data across your phones.
  • Remote Mobile Device Security like Remote Lock and Wipe
  • Management of phone content / functions online

The beta is free, though I am sure there will ultimately be a cost. It supports Windows Mobile 5 and 6.x. If you are interested in trying it out, head over and sign up.

More about: Pocket , PC , Software
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