Numerous blog posts in the last 24 hours indicated that Google gave away a HTC Magic, the Tmobile G2, to developers who attended the Google I/O Conference this week. Digging thru the posts, I ended up reading through the Android Developer Challenge and indeed saw a sentence indicating that all attendees would receive a device.

Interesting ploy by Google.

Interesting that Apple, of course, did nothing of the sort when ramping up for the App Store launch, or since.But, Apple has a device where Google does not, more importantly has an exclusive contract with AT&T, and thus has far more control over the number of devices in the hands of consumers. Google, beholden to OEMS such as HTC and Motorola and carriers like TMobile, thus lacks the ability to have qidespread use of its application marketplace. So, keep the engine humming with give aways (assuming their adwords/adsense revenue continues to be able to fund every other business unit :)
Source: SmartPhoneBlog
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