MWC 2010: Interview with Ashis Sharma, VP of Marketing at Alvarion

Monday 22nd February 2010 - 20:13

At the Mobile World Congress we talked to Ashis Sharma, VP of Marketing at Alvarion, the world’s leading provider of 4G WiMAX solutions that has more than 3.5 million wireless devices deployed around the globe

Alvarion has showcased a broad range of 4G WiMAX end user devices (embedded WiMAX laptops, netbooks, a variety of USB dongles, MIDs, UMPCs and Mobile Hot Spots), end-to-end network solutions and innovative wireless applications, highlighting the collaboration with open network of partners.

Through its OPEN WiMAX strategy, superior IP and OFDMA know-how, and ability to deploy full turnkey WiMAX projects, the company is shaping the new wireless broadband experience.

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