IPsmarx Technology Inc.
RESTON, VA--( (February 1, 2012) - IPsmarx Technology, a leading provider of feature rich VoIP applications for the carrier and enterprise, today announced the launch of the RAPID IP-PBX system. Specifically designed for resellers and installers of conventional CPE-based systems who are looking for a way to offer hosted VoIP services, RAPID IP-PBX is the all-in-one platform for delivering these services to the SMB market. With the ever-increasing demand for cloud-based telephony, VoIP service providers need better ways to administer, deploy, and manage their offerings. Service providers looking to deliver hosted IP PBX solutions to their customers typically face very expensive start-up costs or used systems that lacked in necessary features and managability. RAPID IP-PBX solves this challenge at a fraction of the typical cost.
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