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10/12/2013 - Apple's 12 Days of digital gifts comes to the US for the first time

Apple's donning the Santa suit again this year to dole out digital freebies, and for the first time, iOS users in the US make it to the "nice" list. Today, the company has launched the annual 12 Days of Gifts for 2013, offering one complimentary song, app, book or movie every day between December 26th and January 6th. In previous years, US iOS users could only look on as folks from Canada, some parts of Europe and other countries worldwide unwrapped downloaded their presents from Cupertino. Now that the event has arrived stateside, make sure to install the 12 Days app, linked as a source below, and fire it up under your tree the day after Christmas.

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28/08/2013 - Nintendo announces 2DS handheld gaming system, $129 on October 12 (video)

Nintendo announces 2DS handheld gaming system, $129 on October 12

Well, this is certainly a surprise. While the other big names in gaming are rolling out their new home consoles, Nintendo's bringing a new handheld to the table. Called the 2DS, it looks like a 3DS laid flat without the hinge, and as you might surmise from the name, no three dimensional graphics. IGN reports that the 2DS will come in red and blue (with the front either being black or white, depending upon region) and will cost $129 when it arrives on October 12. For your money you get a handheld that packs dual screens, two cameras round the back, a single speaker and a 3.5mm headphone jack, plus a 4GB SD card.

The new handheld is considered to be a part of the 3DS family, and as such, it can play all 3DS and regular Nintendo DS games, and also provides access to 3DS apps like the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo is positioning the 2DS as a far more affordable option than the $169 3DS, which should make it the more palatable choice for parents with small children. Strong move, Nintendo, get 'em hooked while they're young.

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Source: Nintendo UK (Twitter)

26/04/2013 - How the HTC One's back cover pops off, China style

HTC One launched in China, shows off

When we first reported on the leaked image of China Unicom's HTC One with its back cover off, some questioned its authenticity since the phone touts its unibody design in other parts of the world. Well, as we found out at HTC's Beijing launch event on Wednesday, the Chinese variants (802w, 802t and 802d; ¥4,888 or about $790 for 32GB) do indeed have a removable cover for access to their dual SIM slots and microSD slot. But the question is: how does that piece of metal come off? It's simple: the usual micro-SIM tray at the top left side of the phone is replaced by a latch release (close-up shot after the break), and pushing it up would pop the cover open, as pictured above.

While this may technically not qualify for the "unibody" moniker, HTC's Vice President of China Lin Zurong told us that the removable cover and its accompanying parts at the top and bottom are cut out from the same piece of aluminum; so if you mix and match covers across two Ones of the same color, the fit or texture may not feel "right." Other than that, the Chinese One feels and looks very much the same as its foreign counterpart.

And finally, we asked whether the much anticipated red HTC One will be sold in China, to which a representative replied this was originally designed with other regions -- namely Japan -- in mind, so there's no confirmation as to whether China will get it just yet. Come to think of it, wouldn't the red HTC One be a nice fit for Verizon?

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Source: Engadget China, HTC China

03/04/2013 - HTC One 802w for China spotted with removable cover, dual SIM slots and microSD slot

HTC One 802w for China spotted with dual SIM slots and microSD expansion

Much like how three (or four) of the major US carriers will be getting the HTC One, China's three carriers will also be receiving the same treatment, according to the country's official device approval database. The three flavors are known as 802w, 802t and 802d, each heading to China Unicom (WCDMA), China Mobile (TD-SCDMA) and China Telecom (CDMA), respectively. For the record, the European version we have is 801n, so perhaps the third digit represents the number of SIM slots featured on the device.

This is certainly the case for the 802w. Earlier today, a Sina Weibo user posted the above photo of said phone with its back cover -- between the two plastic lines -- removed, thus exposing not only its two SIM card slots but also a microSD slot just below the camera. It's worth noting that the European version of the One doesn't come with a removable back cover, let alone a secondary SIM slot or a microSD slot; but at least it has LTE, right? Since Sina Weibo requires you to login before letting you see the post, we've got the full picture for you after the break.

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Source: Sina Weibo (login required)

02/06/2012 - BlackBerry Music Gateway goes on sale, brings a little NFC into your life

BlackBerry Music Gateway

RIM showed off the BlackBerry Music Gateway with the promise of a June release, and it's clearly not wasting any time: the first of the month has seen the tiny audio bridge go on sale. It'll set you back $50, but you'll get a conduit for music from any Bluetooth-packing device, whether or not it has that signature 7-dot logo on the back. The extra-special BlackBerry affection comes through NFC support, where equipped phones like the Bold 9930 can pair faster through a friendly tap. Buying straight from the source will lead to a one- to two-week wait, but if you're looking for the most polished way to share your musical tastes from a BlackBerry or PlayBook, it's likely worth being patient.

BlackBerry Music Gateway goes on sale, brings a little NFC into your life originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 02 Jun 2012 03:22:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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29/07/2009 - Mobile Tag Barcode Technology On Paris Bus Shelters

Mobile Tag has announced that it has been selected by JCDecaux as the technological partner to deploy flashcodes (2D barcodes) on bus shelters within the Quartier Numérique (Digital Area) in Paris, France.
The 2D mobile barcode specialist said the new flashcode service - called Mobilités - will offer both Parisians and tourists access to external content via mobile phones with Internet access.

19/03/2009 - Mobile Tag Steps Up Global Drive: Appoints William Hoffman as US CEO

European 2D barcode leader MTag has set up a US sister company as part of its expansion plans.
It has appointed William "Chip" Hoffman as CEO of the new venture, Mobile Tag, Inc.
Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Hoffman will head a global mobile marketing campaign for the company's mobile barcode technologies and services.

18/02/2009 - Can MEEPASS's Mobile Tag Replace Credit Cards and ID?

French software developer MTag has just launched its cutting edge mobile identification solution MEEPASS at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The secure ID tag works on any mobile phone and uses a 2D barcode that verifies a user's identity without the need for the handset to be network connected.

16/02/2009 - Can Vuzix Transform Video Glasses From Geek To Chic?

Ever fancied a pair of those video glasses but felt you'd look a bit silly? Well Vuzix has come up with a set that would easily pass for wrap-around sunglasses.
The US company claims its Wrap 920AV is the most advanced video eyewear yet produced - offering the viewing equivalent of a 62-inch screen seen from 3m away. Video interview in main story.

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