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11/04/2014 - Samsung beaten to the punch on next-gen mobile screens

While Samsung said in January that it's hard at work on a QHD (that's 2,560 x 1,440) AMOLED panel, it won't be the first to show one off. That honor goes to AU Optronics, a Taiwanese display company that makes screens for numerous device manufacturers, Samsung included. The 5.7-inch display squeezes in 513 pixels-per-inch, the most of any organic panel yet. Of course, there are already quite a number of QHD LCDs on the market, like the one found in Vivo's Xplay 3 and a 543ppi model from LG. AU said it also has a 6-inch QHD AMOLED coming, and Samsung will no doubt announce something similar soon -- possibly for the next Galaxy Note model. Either way, prepare more smartphones with pixels so densely packed that you can't distinguish them with the naked eye.

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28/03/2013 - Apple patent filing describes phone concept with wrap-around AMOLED display

Apple patent filing describes phone concept with wrap-around AMOLED display

Behold, the iPhone 6. Nah, we're only joking -- what you see above is a diagram lifted from an Apple patent application that popped up at the USPTO today, which describes a "consumer electronic product" that's nothing but screen. The patent involves building a device from an open-ended transparent body (of glass, for example) that becomes a full wrap-around display when a flexible AMOLED screen is unfurled within it. It doesn't imagine all that real-estate will necessarily be used at once, though, and includes details of a "detection mechanism," such as a camera and facial recognition software, which would determine how much of the screen you can see, so that power is only sent to the parts that are in view. It's important to note that, apart from mentioning some real-world applications, the concept and method of constructing a wrap-around display are all the application covers. In other words, this patent does not describe anything close to a complete device. Apologies if we've killed your buzz, but we're just managing expectations before we move onto some interesting spitballing from Apple about what other design features such a device could carry -- read on after the break for more.

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06/02/2012 - Nokia reveals polarizing secrets of ClearBlack display
Nokia's revealing the secrets behind ClearBlack: its display technology that, even under the brightest sunlight, renders black as black as blackest night during a dark spell. Wedged above the E7, Lumia 800 and 900 displays are three thin layers, a linear polarizer, a quarter-wave retardation film and a reflecting surface. When light enters the first layer, it vertically aligns the "wave vibration" of the light so when it hits the retardation layer, it begins to rotate towards the right. Hitting the reflecting surface causes it to reverse, becoming left-circularly polarized before passing through the retardation later again, where it polarizes horizontally. This enables the polarizing filter up top to screen out horizontally polarized light, meaning it doesn't reflect back in your face. Why (we hear you ask) then doesn't it happen with the light from the display itself? Because it only passes through the second half of the process, it doesn't become horizontally aligned, leading to that beautifully dark display reaching your peepers. It's a clever and elegant solution that we can't help but be impressed at, even if we've used up the world's supply of the word 'polarize' in order to explain to you.

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20/10/2011 - Samsung and Google Launch Galaxy Nexus
Samsung and Google, have launched the Galaxy Nexus, the world's first smartphone equipped with Android Ice Cream Sandwich and HD screen Super AMOLED.

02/06/2011 - Nokia E6 and X7 Ready for Delivery in Europe
The first two Nokia phones that come with Symbian Anna, Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 have been launched commercially. Fortunately, both phones will be available on the European market.

10/05/2011 - SAMSUNG GALAXY S II at 3M Pre-Orders
Samsung continues to break records. After announcing a few days ago that it had sold 120,000 copies of the super-phone Galaxy S II only in South Korea, now Samsung makes public the real number of the preorders. According to the company, we are talking about 3 million people worldwide who had reserved the Galaxy S II.

21/03/2011 - Google Nexus S 4G Coming to Sprint
Sprint has announced the upcoming availability of Nexus S 4G from Google. Coming to Sprint this spring, this Android 2.3-powered device features 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, Super AMOLED 4” display, Google Voice integration, NFC support and Mobile Hotspot capability.

21/09/2010 - Samsung Launches World's First Commercially Available 4G LTE Handset: the Samsung Craft
Samsung Mobile and MetroPCS have just announced the commercial launch of the world's first 4G LTE-enabled, multi-mode, CDMA handset, the Samsung Craft (SCH-r900). Samsung Mobile also supplied the LTE infrastructure for MetroPCS' commercial launch of 4G LTE service in Las Vegas, the first in the United States.

21/09/2010 - Smartphone and Tablet Sales Ignite Advanced LCD Market in 2010
Rapidly rising sales of smartphones and tablet PCs in 2010 will cause the global market for small- and medium-sized TFT LCD panels to expand at its fastest pace in three years, according to iSuppli.

05/01/2009 - New Display Technologies Stalking LCD

Cost remains a key factor in ensuring LCD is the display of choice for most handsets.
But a report from ABI Research suggests a number of new and not-so-new display technologies are vying for a chunk of LCD’s vast market share.

19/12/2008 - Samsung's AMOLED-packin' SCH-W690 clamshell heads for South Korea

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If our hunches are correct, Samsung's snazzy little SCH-W690 flip phone is actually destined for arrival in the US as well, but at least for now, we're forced to be content with a South Korean debut. Reportedly, the handset packs a swank 2.6-inch AMOLED display (320 x 240) underneath the classic black (or silver) exterior, and it also touts GSM / HSDPA connectivity, GPS, a 1.5-inch external OLED, multimedia player, Bluetooth, a 2-megapixel camera and an 800mAh battery. There's no mention of price just yet, but we'd expect to pay a small premium for the pixels.

Samsung's AMOLED-packin' SCH-W690 clamshell heads for South Korea originally appeared on Engadget Mobile on Thu, 18 Dec 2008 19:20:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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