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22/11/2011 - Amazon Prepares a Smartphone
It seems that lately, Amazon becomes a synonym for “success”: after the exceptional sales of their e-book reader, Kindle, it foresees a good season for Kindle Fire tablet, but also the launch of a smartphone under the same brand!

18/11/2011 - Official: Motorola Mobility To Be Bought by Google for $ 12.5 Billion
It's official! Motorola Mobility shareholders have approved the transaction by which the company will be acquired by Google for $ 12.5 billion, but the ball is now in the competition authorities' field, which have already opened an investigation after which they will also have to give their consent for this transaction. Motorola expects the deal will be completed at the beginning of 2012.

02/11/2011 - Ubuntu Linux Mobile – An alternative to Google Android
Google’s Android OS will soon have Ubuntu Linux for moblie devices as competitor, an operating system developed under open source and available for use for free.

26/10/2011 - Nokia N9, Love at Second Sight
Nokia N9, the charismatic smartphone with MeeGo OS is one of those gadgets that after an initial period of time conquers you irremediably thanks to its outstanding design and its fresh and different operating system.

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