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07/04/2014 - Pocket Friendly LTE Smartphones
LTE smartphones have become a necessity in today’s society and there are different brands and varieties that emerge every day. However large the smartphone pool is, many people are looking for a smartphone that won’t break their banks. There are smartphones that are both economical and at the same time have phenomenal features. Two of these are the Huawei Kestrel and the Nokia Lumia 635.

27/02/2014 - MWC 2014: The Red Herring Price Goes For - Triple Draw Between Samsung, LG and Sony
It's split between three big players this year: Samsung, LG and Sony. 

26/02/2014 - MWC 2014: Nokia Doesn't Put All Eggs in One Basket - Android Handheld Launched
Nokia astonished the mobile world (well, more or less since news of this had already been leaked) with its Nokia X1, an Android phone that makes Nokia probably the first mobile manufacturer to have 3 operating systems under control. X1 is a relatively heavy UI change on Android, but as a phone it felt relatively vulgar, indistinguishable from any other Android phone. Below you'll see a few pictures.

20/02/2014 - Nokia new Android smartphone to cost $110
Word is out on price of the the eagerly awaited Nokia low-cost smart phone whose alias is Normandy. The phone was scheduled to launch in late February at Mobile World Congress 2014 but a retail website in Vietnam already seems to have its price listed on its website.

02/09/2013 - Nokia Lumia 925 Goes Live at AT&T Starting September 13th for $99.99, Pre-Orders Now Open
Nokia Lumia 925 made its appearance at T-Mobile last month and now it is set to land at AT&T on September 13th. This is the first Lumia smartphone that features a metal design detail and it will be available for a monthly cost of $21 on AT$T Next plan or for $99.99 in a two-year agreement.

17/08/2013 - Nokia Lumia 625 Coming Early September, Features LTE and 4.7-inch Screen
The leaked news of Nokia Lumia 625 turned out to be true. The 4.7-inch-screened Windows Phone will be released to O2, Vodafone, Phones4U, EE, and Carphone Warehouse early in September for £200 in the UK. Continental Europeans will get it for 220 Euros. It joins a growing series that saw Lumia 620 launched earlier in the year.

26/04/2013 - Nokia Asha 210, the first mobile with a WhatsApp button
Nokia is introducing Asha 210, a brand new social smartphone that is proud to be the first smartphone that has its own WhatsApp button. According to Nokia, it is described as the phone that allows you to "have your social life at your fingertips."

27/02/2013 - Mobile World Congress 2013: Nokia launches a $20 phone - Nokia 105
Nokia has decided to create a lower cost phone, Nokia 105, aiming at those that still purchase a phone for calls and texts. While we are all discussing the latest smartphones by Apple and Samsung and whether we should prefer iOS, Android, BB10 or WP8, Nokia is approaching a different type of customers, the ones that are unwilling to pay a fortune for a phone. Thus, they created a $20 device, which was presented at this year's Mobile World Congress and has already been discussed a lot.

26/02/2013 - Mobile World Congress 2013: Nokia presents Lumia 520 and Lumia 720
Nokia has presented two new smartphones at the Mobile World Congress, the Lumia 520 and Lumia 720, aiming at customers with lower budget.

14/12/2012 - Nokia Lumia 620 – Attractive Entry Level Smartphone with Windows Phone 8
Taking the analysts by surprise, Nokia has launched a new model of its Lumia range – Lumia 620 – Nokia’s third phone that runs Microsoft’s latest version of Windows Phone, .

23/11/2012 - New Rumors About The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S3 is still one of the most impressive smartphones released this year, so it is not surprising at all that rumors about the next step to be taken by the South Koreans have already appeared. 

04/10/2012 - Microsoft to Release Windows-Based Smartphone
Microsoft prepares a Windows smartphone under its own brand. Designed for the premium segment, the prototype is already operational, currently being under testing, according to sources inside the company, quoted by, which reinforce the rumors previously circulated in the Chinese media.

16/08/2012 - Nokia to Launch Windows Phone 8 Smartphone
Nokia used to be dominant in the smartphone market share, but the arrival of iPhone has dropped their sales significantly. The company seems to insist in releasing Windows Phone handsets and that is why they are about to release Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

10/08/2012 - Half the World's Smartphones are Delivered by Samsung and Apple
A few days after the rival Apple announced its less spectacular results, it is time for Samsung to disclose the official figures of the financial performance in the second quarter, and they are pretty impressive.

04/08/2012 - Nokia promotes pink Lumia 900 with a nail polish
Nokia has decided to promote its popular Lumia 900 phone, not in the conventional way, but rather with a more creative idea. In order to promote the pink Lumia 900 phone, they decided to launch a matching pink nail polish.

26/06/2012 - Samsung Expects to Sell Over 10 Million Galaxy S3 Smartphones by July
Samsung, the world's largest mobile phone maker, expects the Galaxy S3, the most advanced smartphone in its portfolio, to sell faster than previous models and to exceed 10 million units by July, informs Bloomberg.

22/06/2012 - No Windows Phone 8 Upgrade for Current Nokia Lumnia Phones
One of the significant hits given yesterday by Microsoft refers to the lack of possibility to upgrade to the new OS – Windows Phone 8 – for the owners of Lumia smartphones, even for the owners of high-end models such as Nokia Lumia 900.

22/06/2012 - HTC Releases First Details on Its Windows Phone 8 Smartphones
Besides Nokia, HTC is one of the leading supporters of the mobile platform from Microsoft and this does not seem to change with the new version of the platform – Windows Phone 8.

20/06/2012 - BlackBerry Close to an End, RIM Prepares New Layoffs
BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has announced it aims to reduce operating costs by one billion dollars per year, a plan that includes significant layoffs.

13/06/2012 - Nokia Launches Three New Phones: Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311
Nokia expands its Asha range with three new models: Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306 and Nokia Asha 311, phones with touchscreen that try to get closer as much as possible of the smartphone experience, while keeping a price as low as possible.

25/05/2012 - Nokia Prepares New PureView Smartphones
Nokia 808 PureView is just the beginning: the Finnish manufacturer making plans for an entire range of PureView smartphones with various forms of design and prices, all recommended by the camera’s excellent performances.

12/04/2012 - Fix For Lumia 900 On The Way

"Some Nokia Lumia 900 customers have been experiencing a loss of data connectivity-both LTE and 3G-on their new handsets. Nokia has identified the problem and devised a software fix, which will be rolled out on or around April 16th. Customers not wanting to wait can have their phones swapped for updated versions in AT&T stores. The company will also give any AT&T customer buying a Lumia between now and April 21 a $100 credit on their next bill."

At the price AT&T are retailing the Lumia for (with contract), that $100 credit means you're effectively getting the Lumia for free. If you aren't afraid of hooking up with AT&T, that's a pretty good deal for what looks like one of the better Windows Phone 7 devices out there. And kudos to Nokia for the fast turnaround.

10/04/2012 - Samsung Expects 1st Quarter 2012 Profits to Double
Samsung, now the world’s biggest-selling smartphone maker, says it expects to see its profits double for the first three months of the year.

05/04/2012 - Blackberry Maker Says It Plans to Release New Model First Before Disclosing Financial Figures
RIM, the maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone today said it was postponing its earlier scheduled disclosure of the latest company financial figures, preferring to go ahead first with the release of its awaited new BlackBerry 10 models.

14/03/2012 - Stephen Elop in an Interview About Nokia and Windows
In an interview with people at The Verge, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, was extremely pleased regarding the company’s performance after the first year of strategic partnership with Microsoft.

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