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09/04/2010 - Apple Unveiled iPhone OS 4
Apple previewed its iPhone OS 4 software and released a beta version of the software to iPhone Developer Program members. The iPhone OS 4 beta release includes an updated SDK with over 1,500 new APIs and over 100 new features that will be available to iPhone and iPod touch users this summer.

28/01/2010 - The Apple iPad is Here
“It is a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price,” said Steve Jobs unveiling Apple’s “latest creation” yesterday in San Francisco. Although we may doubt if the iPad really brings “magic” and “revolution” to us, we have to admit the prices are unexpectedly low. Yesterday, Apple’s stocks started to climb fast only when Jobs revealed how much we’ll have to spend on the device.

16/07/2009 - Apple Updates iTunes, Ends Pre's iPod Charade

Apple has released an iTunes update that prevents Palm's Pre smartphone from appearing to be an iPod when connected to a Mac or PC.
According to Apple, iTunes 8.2.1 is a free software update that provides a number of important bug fixes.

04/06/2009 - Palm Pre Passes First Hurdle - "iPhone Competitor"

Palm's Pre smartphone has received a pre-launch boost with a succession of (mostly) favorable reviews.
And, in what must be the ultimate accolade in the highly competitive smartphone market, the device has even been described as a tough competitor to Apple's iPhone.

24/09/2008 - SDK For Android Developers Released

The Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing applications for Android and its new app market has been released and is available for downloading.
The Android Market beta is also to be launched with the T-Mobile G1, providing developers with a way to distribute their applications on that and later devices.

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