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07/12/2012 - FCC tells FAA to 'boost US competitiveness,' allow greater use of in-flight devices

FCC tells FAA to 'boost US competitiveness,' allow greater use of inflight devices

The nation's top wireless dog has told the Federal Aviation Administration's head that it should "enable greater use of tablets, e-readers, and other portable devices" during flights, according to the Hill. That was the gist of a missive sent from Julius Genachowski, chairman of the FCC to the FAA's chief, Michael Huerta yesterday. He went on to say that doing so would let individuals "stay informed and connected with friends and family," while helping large and small businesses be more productive, which would "boost US competitiveness." While it sounds like not doing so would be un-patriotic with a pitch like that, the FAA has already formed a committee to revisit its current portable electronics policies and hasn't arrived at any decisions yet -- safety first, after all.

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19/03/2012 - FAA to take 'fresh look' at gadget restrictions on flights
F.A.A. to take
The only thing worse than the Terrible 10,000 Feet is the underlying sense that it's all so unnecessary. Why should using an iPad, Kindle or bag-holding alarm clock be banned during take-off and landing, even with all wireless comms switched off? Nick Bilton from the New York Times has been hounding the Federal Aviation Administration over this issue for a while, but he's suddenly received a reply other than "Just turn it off, sir". A senior official told him that the agency as decided to take a "fresh look" at the rules, not for cell phones, but for the myriad of other gadgets that can make a flight so much more peaceful and productive. Currently, airlines complain that they have to test each model of device individually, on every single plane in the fleet, and with a separate empty flight used for each test, before they're allowed to relax the rules for that model. That's why personal electronic devices remain so closely restricted, but also why there's so much room for a smarter solution -- even if there are still reams of red-tape to overcome before anything changes.

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