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30/01/2013 - BlackBerry 10 app roundup: Social, games, news and more

BlackBerry 10 app roundup Social, games, news and more

Beyond the several standard applications unveiled today for BlackBerry 10, RIM's got a much, much longer list of standouts from the BlackBerry World store to share. The New York Times, ESPN, and BBC are just a few of the biggies on the list, as well as a flock of Angry Birds heading up the gaming charge. Head past the break for a taste of those 70,000 apps RIM's touting.

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16/08/2012 - RIM confirms BB10 standard screen resolutions for touch and keyboard devices

DNP RIM details screen resolution standards for touch and keyboard devices

RIM took some time out from its worldwide tour to confirm that it's standardizing screen resolutions for BB10. Tim Neil took to the company's developer blog to say that forthcoming full-touch devices will ship with 1,280 x 720 displays, while keyboard-style phones would pack 720 x 720 screens. The only handset that won't play by these rules is the first (presumably flagship) BB10 handset, since it's too late to change its 1,280 x 768 screen. The company's urging developers to get tweaking to ensure apps run properly on the new gear -- or add letterboxing to offer a Sergio Leone feel to your mobile gaming.

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RIM confirms BB10 standard screen resolutions for touch and keyboard devices originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 16 Aug 2012 04:22:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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29/06/2012 - Google+ patent app details myFaves-like carrier contacts integration with social network circles

Google patent app details myFaveslike carrier contacts integration with social network circles

With more carriers pushing unlimited calling plans, we can't say there's necessarily a need for the friends and family features of yesteryear on this side of the Atlantic, but plenty of networks beyond the good ole US of A are a bit more stingy when it comes to tallying talk time. The latest Google patent application to be published was filed last December and covers exactly this type of scenario, suggesting that the Google+ profile of the future could include an option to create a "Telco Co. Preferred Calling" circle, which would theoretically enable free calling between yourself and a small group of friends.

According to the application, semi-public information, such as a telephone number, would be shared between Google and a registered service provider, and you would maintain discount calling relationships from within Google+, adding and dropping callers to and from your online contacts list. You could also dictate custom rules, such as ringtones for contacts in specific groups, or create carrier-branded circles that are populated with your friends on the same network, making it easier to determine whether or not you'll be billed for calls to a particular user. Like all patent applications, there's no guarantee that Google's submission with come to fruition, but if you're feeling optimistic, you can hit up the source link below for all the legalese.

Google+ patent app details myFaves-like carrier contacts integration with social network circles originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 29 Jun 2012 10:08:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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06/04/2012 - Ford and Mercedes Looking to Succeed In Mobile Applications
In a world dominated by technology and internet, it seems that neither the auto fairs are deprived of promotion and marketing campaigns for the new applications for smartphones.

29/03/2012 - Nokia Morph patent application raises hope well beyond expectation
Remember Nokia Morph? It's the Finnish manufacturer's long-standing project to build a transparent, flexible phone that you can contort to your hearts content. Now the company's submitting a second missive to the Patent and Trademark office in the hope of claiming dibs on the IP contained therein. While it's very broadly written (and doesn't commit to anything), it's interesting to note that the phone would switch between the leaf-shaped candybar (we played with it at MWC) and a wristband you can wear on the go. The patent also talks about a "remote processing unit," in a nearby device or in the cloud, so, if the company can ever turn the dream into reality, the real action will be handled elsewhere. Then again, it's equally as likely to never appear in our lifetimes, you just never can tell with patents.

Nokia Morph patent application raises hope well beyond expectation originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 29 Mar 2012 10:11:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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16/08/2010 - ”Big Seven” Smartphone Applications to Drive Future Hardware Designs
Smartphone manufacturers need to accommodate seven core smartphone applications, the “Big Seven”, in their next generation handset designs, according to In-Stat. These big seven applications include email, games, social networking, instant messaging, mapping & directions, music & radio, and weather.

27/07/2010 - WAC Accelerates Delivery of Open Applications Platform
The Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), an alliance of telecommunications companies committed to building an open applications platform, has outlined the business models and technology evolution path that will enable developers and operators to monetise applications and services.

31/07/2009 - West & Central African Com: Opportunity Abounds as Nigeria Faces "Revolution" in Broadband Deployment

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Lanre Ajayi, managing director of PINET Informatics and president of the Nigerian Internet Group,  was interviewed at the recent West & Central African Com conference held in Abuja, Nigeria.
He talks about the changes coming in broadband and the need for businesses to position themselves for the opportunities they will bring. He said these will include opportunities in terms of applications, e-business, e-commerce and e-government.

06/07/2009 - Open-Source "Tidal Wave" Will Shift Power to Developers

The number of smartphones shipped with open source operating systems (OS) will increase from 106 million this year to 223 million by 2014.
That's the prediciton of telecom consultants Juniper Research, who found that operating systems and applications are playing an increasingly important role in the differentiation of new smartphones.

16/06/2009 - HiT Barcelona: Android Marketplace To Overtake Apple's App Store?

INTERVIEW: Android's Market will be at least as successful as Apple's hugely popular App Store - and could prove even more of a hit.
That's the view of Florian Seiche, vice president of HTC Europe, who believes app downloads for the open-source software platform developed by Google could well emulate Apple's success.

11/06/2009 - HiT Barcelona: Can Mobile Operators' New Openness Change Lose-Lose to Win-Win?

INTERVIEW: Mobile network operators traditionally seem to have done their utmost to prevent developers from innovating on the mobile web.
But Michael Crossey, chief marketing officer at Aepona, tells that barriers seem to be tumbling - and the mobile industry is steadily moving towards openness.

14/05/2009 - App Store Growth Risks Confusing Consumers

INTERVIEW: Mark Newman, Chief Research Officer at analyst house Informa, talks about some of the latest trends affecting the mobile voice and data markets.
Speaking in advance of his address to the Insights'09 conference next month in Lisbon, he discusses the impact of the iPhone, the rush to open app stores and carriers' attitude to mobile VoIP.

12/05/2009 - Vodafone Plans App Store For 289m Customers

Vodafone is joining the increasingly busy application store game by launching its own venture in a number of European markets later this year.
The mobile operator will take a 30 per cent share of all app revenue - mirroring Apple's App Store.

28/04/2009 - Mobile App Revenues To Reach $25bn By 2014

Mobile app revenues are expected to climb to more than USD $25bn by 2014 - fuelled by the launch of a raft of new application stores.
But while one-off downloads currently account for the majority of revenues, that will change with the increasing utilization of in-app billing, according to Juniper Research.

14/04/2009 - Palm's App Catalog v. Apple's App Store. How Do They Compare?

Mobile application stores are becoming ten-a-penny these days, what with Nokia's Ovi Store set to launch within a month and Palm's App Catalog expected with the eagerly-anticipated arrival of the Pre (next month?).
But as the potential market for app developers expands, how do the six "stores" (iPhone App Store, Android App Market, BlackBerry App World, Windows Mobile Marketplace, Nokia Ovi Store and Palm App Catalog) compare?

02/04/2009 - Android Market Reaches 40 Million Downloads

T-Mobile G1 customers have downloaded on average more than 40 applications from Android Market.
With one million G1s sold that adds up to 40 million downloads in total since the first Android handset was launched six months ago.

24/03/2009 - Boom in Mobile App Store Users Creates Opportunities for Marketers

App stores are offering marketers and advertisers a new way to reach mobile audiences, according to In-Stat.
The researchers forecast more than 100 million app store-compatible mobile phones from multiple manufacturers will be shipping within five years.

19/03/2009 - FutureDial's Mobile Content Solution Can Have "Huge Impact" On Operators' Revenue Potential

INTERVIEW: Sanjiv Parikh, vice president of marketing for FutureDial, talks to about its mobile content management service and its potential to generate revenue for operators and retailers.
The company's Retail Management Solution (RMS) 4.0 allows mobile content to be directly loaded to handsets at store counters - an industry first.

17/03/2009 - iPhone Gets Copy and Paste - Finally

Apple has released details of a new version of the iPhone OS, with over 100 new features including finally adding copy and paste.
However, another much desired issue - allowing for background tasks from third party applications - remains unresolved, despite rival handsets running Google Android and the as-yet unlaunched Palm Pre able to support background apps.

13/03/2009 - iPhone Likely to Get Background Application Support?

Apple has flagged up March 17 for a special event to preview its new iPhone 3.0 software.
One issue that could be addressed with the new OS is allowing for background tasks from third party applications.

13/03/2009 - Developers' Dilemma: Mobile Website or Downloadable Application?

Despite the rapidly increasing interest in mobile content - and the revenue generating potential it offers - uncertainty often exists over whether to develop mobile websites or create downloadable applications.
Ameet Shah, sales and business development director with Five Mobile, has raised some interesting points for those considering producing content for smartphones.

24/02/2009 - 7 Start-ups To Watch From Mobile World Congress 2009

The big names of the mobile world occupied vast stands at MWC in Barcelona - but some of the most interesting and innovative products, applications and technologies came from start-ups. has pulled together some of the enterprising newbies that are likely to make a big impact in the future, including video interviews and photos.

11/02/2009 - Paid Apps Imminent For Android Market

Google's Android Market is expected to begin accepting paid applications this week for the first time.
The move could provide a much-needed boost to the platform, which currently has around 800 applications.

27/01/2009 - Android App Developers Get AdMob Option

AdMob has announced that it has launched its first advertising unit for Android applications.
The move by the world's largest mobile advertising marketplace will give developers an option for monetizing their applications on the open source device platform.

26/01/2009 - iPhone Bluetooth File Transfer coming soon

Aside from lacking flash support, the iPhone doesn?t also do Bluetooth filetransfer. Well, thanks again to jailbreak and the hardworking developers out there, this sorely missing feature may soon be available on the iPhone as developer MeDevil is currently working on one. The video above shows its potential, and once it?s done and ready, it?ll be available as part of the iSpazio repo. I guess its apps like these that make jailbreaking totally indispensable. Great work guys, keep them coming!

If you want to learn how to a jailbreak on your new 3G iPhone, visit our most iPhone 2.2 jailbreak page.

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