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17/03/2014 - Hatchi turns your Pebble smartwatch into a virtual pet

For many of us who survived the '90s, virtual pets are but a distant memory. That said, the Tamagotchi just turned 17 and Bandai (its parent company) is still cranking out new pets, so apparently the digital species is far from extinct. It makes complete sense, then, that the concept would eventually make it to the Pebble; in fact, its black-and-white e-paper display should make virtual pets feel right at home. Developer Portable Pixels is celebrating Game Developers Conference (GDC) by launching Hatchi on the Pebble appstore sometime this week. Much like the Tamagotchi, you'll be responsible for feeding, cleaning, playing with and caring for your new Hatchi pet.

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12/02/2014 - Pebble engineer explains why its Android app isn't ready yet

iOS users have been enjoying the new Pebble app store for the past week, but the Android version of the app is still MIA. Sure, you can download the beta if you sign up to be a developer, but if you'd rather wait for the final product, it's still in the works. What gives? Pebble engineer Keon Wong wrote a bit about the subject on the company's official blog about the process involved. The Cliff's Notes version is that there are two factors at play: one is how complex it can be to develop an Android app, and the other is a lack of resources.

Wong explains that the team has to make the app jive properly with several environments of the OS, such as Bluetooth, Javascript runtime, the internet, background processes, several versions of Android and hundreds of different devices with different specs. This isn't unlike what many developers run into when writing apps for Google's mobile OS, but Pebble's complications with engineering run a couple layers deeper than most others because it's an accessory that involves its very own app store.

Next comes the matter of available resources, which Wong explains is because Pebble has had a small team working on the Android app for a long time. "In order to ship a high quality, reliable Android experience that will work for many thousands of users across the myriad of devices and operating systems, we need engineers working on the Android app who are both fantastic engineers and great Android developers." This is where existing devs come in handy -- the more feedback Pebble receives, the better. The bad news is that the team doesn't have an ETA on Android release as of yet; on the bright side, however, the company apparently needs a few extra hands to help out, if you're on the hunt for a job.

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22/04/2013 - WhereverTV streaming service still exists, is now available on iOS

WhereverTV streaming service still exists, is now available on iOS

Don't let the name fool ya -- "WhereverTV" wasn't on any iOS devices until this morning when the Neuros-powered streaming global television service got an App Store launch. It's intended for a wide variety of iOS devices -- the iPhone 3GS through the 5, as well as iPod Touches and iPads running iOS 4.3 or newer -- and offers access to WhereverTV free international TV streaming options, as well as paid options for Greek, Moroccan, and Arabic programming (the app's been available on Android devices for some time now).

Users aren't limited by connection, either, as even 3G signal is supported by the app; of course, we wouldn't suggest you go depending on that option, but it will function should you try. WhereverTV is also promising updates in the future, such as DVR scheduling and playback, as well as more free channels. That is, in addition to the company's ongoing quest to make good on its name.

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05/12/2012 - Foursquare refreshes iOS app for streamlined exploring, speedier check-ins

DNP Foursquare refreshes iOS app for streamlined exploring and checkins

Building upon redesigned version 5.0, Foursquare has updated its iOS app (sorry, Android users, our guess is that you're coming up next). The refresh provides a number of cosmetic changes, including a tighter check-in screen that omits addresses in favor of a map view of your surroundings (and seems to forget that we have that elongated iPhone 5 screen nowadays). We also get a more robust Explore tab featuring recently opened businesses, validating the app co-founder's insistence that Foursquare is primarily a "discovery and recommendation engine." Head to the app store at the source link below to download version 5.3.5, which Foursquare duly notes is its first palindromic version number since 3.0.3. Roy, am I mayor?

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06/09/2012 - Ceton Companion apps for iOS and Android are available, bring WMC mobile control for $5

Ceton Companion apps for iOS and Android are available, bring WMC mobile control for $5

For Windows Media Center fans searching for a good looking remote app for their mobile devices, that wait is over, at least on a few platforms. The Ceton Companion app we've been teased with since CES 2012 is finally officially available, and ready for download from the Android and iOS app stores. We're told the Windows Phone 7 version should be along shortly, as well as the Amazon Appstore edition once its approval goes through. If you've somehow avoided it's specifics until now, we have walkthrough videos embedded after the break, to show what kind of remote DVR scheduling, guide browsing and remote control action it's capable of. In case a whole Lincoln is too rich for your blood, one way to defray the costs and pay for the app on two platforms is to follow the Ceton Twitter account and enter a contest for a $10 Google Play gift card, instructions are available at the link below.

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10/01/2011 - Amazon Opens Android Application Store to Developers
US-based online retailer Amazon has opened its mobile application store to submissions from developers. The Amazon "Appstore" is due to launch in the US during 2011 and will be available for Android devices that run versions 1.6 of the operating system and above.

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