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10/01/2014 - Live from the Engadget CES Stage: Broadcom VP Rahul Patel

Get ready to talk chips and the internet of things with Broadcom VP Rahul Patel.

January 10, 2014 4:30:00 PM EST

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27/08/2013 - Broadcom adds WiFi Direct to its embedded device platform, furthers our internet-of-things future

Broadcom, wireless. Peanut butter, jelly. Together, they just work. So today's announcement that the company is adding WiFi Direct to its WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) platform feels pretty natural. The firm believes that WICED Direct will allow OEMs to develop wearable sensors -- pedometers, heart-rate monitors, keycards -- and clothing that transmit everyday data to the cloud via a connected smartphone or tablet. This would help push along the internet of things movement that's been bandied about so much recently, and maybe even ensure you aren't locked out of the house again.

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10/12/2012 - Broadcom expects its own LTE chipsets in 2013, stirs up a quiet 4G market

Broadcom expects its own LTE chipsets in 2013, stirs up a quiet 4G market

If you hadn't noticed, Qualcomm has a strong grip on the LTE chipset market. While there's certainly exceptions like Samsung's in-house designs, the company is often the gatekeeper for modern 4G. Broadcom chief Scott McGregor isn't going to let one of his main rivals claim such large swaths of the mobile world; he tells investors that his company will have test samples of its own LTE chipsets in 2013, acknowledging that the company is "not there" with its progress towards advanced wireless. That there's no technical details or shipping targets won't much help for phone makers (or us), but it's a welcome break that could lead to fiercer competition and, hopefully, lower costs for fast mobile data.

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17/12/2010 - Broadcom Announces New Android Platform to Enable Mass Market Smartphones
Broadcom has announced a new baseband platform that provides simultaneous HSDPA modem connectivity and Android-based applications processing. According to the company, the new Broadcom BCM2157 dual-core baseband processor delivers high-end smartphone features on more affordable 3G Android handsets: this includes mobile hot-spot, multi-touch screens, innovative media and applications processing, "and other capabilities that will help handset makers drive these features to a larger tier of users."

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