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22/05/2013 - Yota introduces Ruby LTE hotspot with e-ink display at CTIA 2013 (hands-on)

Yota introduces Ruby LTE hotspot with e-ink display at CTIA 2013 handson

Remember Yotaphone, the twin-display Android smartphone (color LCD in front, e-ink in back)? Today at CTIA in Las Vagas, Yota devices, the company behind the innovative handset, introduced Ruby, a sleek LTE hotspot with a small e-ink screen. We don't usually get too excited about such devices, but Ruby looks like something out of Jony Ive's workshop, with some interesting features to match. The design recalls the iPod mini but is made of white plastic instead of aluminum.

Along the top edge, you'll find the e-ink display and a two-way power switch -- slide it to the left and Ruby behaves like a secure hotspot, slide it to the right and it's a public access point. The e-ink screen shows battery and signal status, the number of connected devices and a smiley icon to confirm public mode. On the bottom edge is a trick flap that's both a micro-USB socket and a USB Type A plug depending on how it's positioned -- the micro-SIM slot is cleverly hidden behind it. A programmable RGB LED mounted behind the Yota logo completes the package on the front of the hotspot.

Ruby currently supports quad-band EDGE, plus HSPA+ and LTE for the European market, but the radio can be configured (in hardware) to support other bands. The 2100mAh battery powers the unit for about 16 hours of use (60 hours on standby) and can be charged to 70 percent capacity in about an hour. Yota's signed a few deals with carriers in Russia and Europe and the device is expected to become available to Russian customers in two to three weeks for about $120 (unsubsidized). No word on whether Ruby will land in the US (yet). Take a look at our hands-on gallery below.

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22/05/2013 - Nokia brings Lumia 925 for T-Mobile to CTIA 2013, we go hands-on

Nokia brings Lumia 925 for TMobile to CTIA 2013, we go handson

We've already spent some quality time with Nokia's handsome Lumia 925 and while it's no secret the company's Windows Phone flagship is coming to the US courtesy of T-Mobile, we'd never actually seen the carrier-branded model -- until now, that is. Nokia brought T-Mobile's version of the handset to CTIA 2013 where we took it for a brief spin. As you'd expect, the phone is identical to its global twin save for the operator's logo below the capacitive button and the radios which support T-Mobile's bands. Unfortunately, the Lumia 925 we played with was not final, so the software was off limits. In terms of hardware, it features the same 4.5-inch 1,280 x 768 AMOLED screen, 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 1GB RAM and 8.7-megapixel camera with OIS. This is definitely one of Nokia's most attractive designs yet, and we're looking forward to getting our hands on a review unit soon. In the meantime, why not check out the gallery below?

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02/01/2013 - CTIA and MobileCon merging in 2014, forming 'super mobile show'

CTIA and MobileCon merging in 2014, forming 'super mobile show'

There are some things in life you can count on year after year -- like having to file taxes. For mobile journalists this includes an annual pilgrimage to CES, MWC, plus the spring and fall editions of CTIA. This year is no exception, with CTIA spring taking place May 21-23rd in Las Vegas and the fall show (re-baptized MobileCon in 2012) happening October 9-11th in San Jose. But things are going to be different next year -- the Wireless Association announced today that it will be merging the spring and fall editions in 2014 and forming a single CTIA "super mobile show." Considering how quiet CTIA and MobileCon were last year, this sounds like a great opportunity for both consumer and enterprise-centric vendors to mingle and bring some excitement back to the show. CTIA 2014 is scheduled for September 9-11th in Las Vegas and we'll be there, of course. Full PR after the break.

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14/12/2012 - Wireless AMBER Alerts shifting to Wireless Emergency Alerts at end of year


The CTIA noted this morning that the end of the year will also see an end to Wireless AMBER Alerts. The program will be put to bed on December 31st, in favor of the the similarly named Wireless Emergency Alert system, which offers up free notifications about local abducted children to millions of handset owners. Launched this summer, the WEA is a joint venture of the CTIA, FCC and FEMA. The WEA AMBER Alert system delivers local alert to users, even when they're visiting a a different area, "For example, if a Chicago resident was visiting Boston and a WEA AMBER Alert was issued in Boston, the subscriber would receive the alert." More information on the program can be found in a press release after the break.

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09/10/2012 - We're live from MobileCon 2012!

We're live from MobileCon 2012!

MobileCon, the show formerly known as CTIA Enterprise & Applications, is ready to get under way in sunny San Diego. Despite its more streamlined name, we expect to see the same kind of stuff as years past; in other words, the show will be much more Enterprise-centric than any other mobile-related event we cover throughout the year. Don't let that scare you off too much -- with the plethora of new device announcements over the past month, we still hope to get our hands on some new and glorious pieces of hardware. Keep your eyes peeled right here as we bring you all of the best (and worst) from Southern California.

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28/07/2010 - CTIA Updates Its “Consumer Code for Wireless Service”
CTIA has released an updated version of its “Consumer Code for Wireless Service,” which was originally developed in 2003 to help consumers make informed choices when selecting and managing their wireless service.

07/04/2009 - CTIA 2009: Samsung Launches First WiMAX-Enabled Mobile Internet Device

Samsung Mobile announced at CTIA WIRELESS 2009 in Las Vagas the upcoming availability of the Samsung Mondi, advanced mobile WiMAX enabled handheld device. The touch screen Mondi is designed for use with the Clear mobile WiMAX service from Clearwire.

06/04/2009 - CTIA 2009: First Full Office Suite for the iPhone

Quickoffice for iPhone enables robust editing of Microsoft Word and Excel documents, cut and paste and file transfer.

Quickoffice, Inc., provider of mobile office productivity software, announced at CTIA WIRELESS 2009 in Las Vegas, it will unveil the first complete Office suite to provide native Microsoft Word and Excel editing for the iPhone.

12/01/2009 - Motorola to cut mobile staff by half

Motorola is considering reducing the workforce in its mobile devices group by as much as 50 per cent.
The company is reportedly set to start major layoffs this week that would reduce staff levels by half and is said to be dramatically scaling back its phone development as a whole.

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