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26/02/2013 - GSMA Announces Winners Of The 2013 Global Mobile Awards
The GSMA today announced the winners of the 18th Annual Global Mobile awards, held at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in  Barcelona. The winners were honoured in an afternoon ceremony hosted by writer, actor and comedian, David Walliams.

30/11/2010 - GSMA Opens Brand App Challenge for Mobile World Congress 2011
The GSMA today announced that it is now accepting entries for its Brand App Challenge, a competition in which mobile application developers create “brand apps” for a select group of global consumer brands. Winners will be named at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, which will be held 14-17 February, 2011 in Barcelona.

16/06/2010 - Digital Dividend Spectrum and Mobile Broadband in South East Europe
Serbian Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society has driven an initiative to develop a unified approach to the allocation of ‘digital dividend’ spectrum – the spectrum that will be freed up by the switchover from analogue to digital TV – in South East Europe.

29/09/2009 - IFA 2009: Menq Presents Mini GPS/GSM Tracker with GPRS

VIDEO INTERVIEW: interviewed Ann Meng, Marketing & Sales Manager of Menq International. She presented the company’s star product - mini GPS/GSM tracker with GPRS.

This tiny device shows directly map location on any mobile without installing any software and transmits the SMS message of longitude, latitude and location link to cell phone. It supports indoor orientation, single location reporting and continuous tracking. In case of emergency, help message with location is send to all preset phone numbers.

11/06/2009 - HiT Barcelona: Can Mobile Operators' New Openness Change Lose-Lose to Win-Win?

INTERVIEW: Mobile network operators traditionally seem to have done their utmost to prevent developers from innovating on the mobile web.
But Michael Crossey, chief marketing officer at Aepona, tells that barriers seem to be tumbling - and the mobile industry is steadily moving towards openness.

26/05/2009 - Mobile Operators Risking $5bn Roaming Fraud Bill

Roaming fraud could cost mobile operators USD $5 billion globally in 2009 because of a failure to implement detection measures.
That's the warning from James Stewart, director of fraud product management at MACH and chairman of the roaming sub-group of the GSMA fraud forum.

24/03/2009 - Skuku Provides Cheap InFlight GSM Calls to Air Passengers

Skuku has announced today that it has formed a partnership with the German company TriaGnoSys to provide the next generation of inflight GSM services for airline passengers.
The new service allows travellers to avoid costly roaming charges while placing phone calls aboard commercial airlines.

04/03/2009 - Doro rolls out five new mega-simple handsets

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Easily missed amidst the bright lights, festivities, and OLED displays of Mobile World Congress last month was Doro, which makes a handful of ultra (and we mean ultra) basic phones targeting seniors, young'uns, and pretty much anyone else who can't be bothered with actual... you know, "features." Turns out the Swedish company used the occasion to launch not one, not two, but fully five new models, including its first flip -- the 410gsm -- which is apparently a form factor that Doro's customers have been specifically requesting. Also in the mix is the insanely straightforward 334gsm, which foregoes a keypad in favor of speed dial buttons, and three other candybars, the 338gsm, 342gsm, and 345gsm, which are evolutions of the company's older 330gsm design. All five will launch to market in the next six months.

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16/02/2009 - GSM Palm Pre spotted with Vodafone SIM card

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We would've wagered 50 euros there'd be a GSM Pre announced at MWC this week -- but strangely, it didn't happen. If we had to guess, a grand unveiling was probably held up by behind-the-scenes manfacuturer-operator drama in the course of trying to nail an exclusivity agreement, but that's not to say there weren't still SIM card-toting Pres floating around the show. PreCommunity happened across one of these today and astutely noted the presence of a Vodafone SIM around back -- not damning evidence that the Pre will be announced as a Voda exclusive, granted, but it kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it? See for yourself in the video after the break.

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10/02/2009 - ZTE to Unveil Range of Smartphones at MWC 2009

ZTE Corporation is promising to reveal a full portfolio of smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona.
All in all, 10 different designs are to go on show, including customised handsets for Vodafone and China Mobile.

03/07/2008 - Mobile operators say regulatory burden is jeopardising European mobile broadband services
The GSM Association is claiming that Europe’s mobile industry is cutting back spending on new networks and services as a growing regulatory burden from the European Union puts profitability under pressure.
The European Commission, however, asserted that mobile operators are making excessive profits and has imposed retail price caps on the industry.

This is refuted by the GSMA – using data from management consultancy AT Kearney – which argues that the European mobile industry’s return on capital employed (ROCE) was just 9 per cent in 2006 compared with more than 20 per cent in software, pharmaceuticals and several other sectors.
In its response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the voice roaming regulation, the GSMA is warning that European mobile operators, on average, are only just covering their weighted cost of capital and some of them are making an economic loss.

02/07/2008 - Payments made via mobile phone for goods and services will exceed US$300bn globally by 2013

The value of payments made using mobile phones for everything from music, tickets and games to gifts will increase five-fold over the next five years.
This is one of the forecasts made by Juniper Research in a region by region analysis which explores how the mobile phone is developing into a payment tool that will be used by more and more people, more and more often in future.
Not surprisingly, the report concludes that there is a significant opportunity for mobile payment services, systems, software and supporting services to underpin the processing of the spiralling value of payment transactions by 2013.
Howard Wilcox , the report’s author, noted that retailers need to move quickly to exploit the opportunity presented, and ensure that they maintain ease of use for their customers who are already familiar with web shopping from their PCs.

29/06/2008 - European callers become more mobile as landlines increasingly shunned

Almost a quarter of European households have given up fixed landlines for mobile phones and online calling, according to a European Union survey.
The poll, carried out in November and December, found that 24 per cent of European households now eschew fixed landlines in favour of mobile phones, up from 22 per cent in a survey two years earlier.
The Czech Republic, Finland and Lithuania had the lowest number of landlines in use across the 27-nation bloc.
The results chime with the growing interest in the use of mobile VoIP services – either via GSM/GPRS wireless standards or through WiFi – and the widespread installation of internet calling software on smartphones.

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