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21/10/2010 - Nokia ends talk of Symbian^4, adopts HTML5 in Qt framework
Things are turning upside down in Espoo today. Besides, earnings and reported job cuts of some 1,800 employees, Nokia also announced that it'll be streamlining its development strategy to unify environments for Symbian and MeeGo. Nokia's new approach calls for the adoption of Qt, and only Qt, as its application development framework from today onward. Here's what that means for new N8 owners:
You can buy a Nokia smartphone confident that any improvements introduced later to the Symbian platform, such as the user interface, can be made available to download on your device as well. No need to wait for Symbian^4 - the improvements we were planning for Symbian^4 will be introduced as and when they become available. In fact, we will no longer be talking about Symbian^3 or Symbian^4 at all - it will be one constantly evolving and constantly improving platform.
Nokia also announced support for HTML5 web content and applications for the Symbian and MeeGo platforms in both Qt and the browser. Click through for the press release and to hear Rich Green, Nokia CTO, discuss the new strategy.

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10/09/2008 - Date announced for Xperia X1 release

The UK, Germany and Sweden will be the inaugural launch sites for Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1 when it is released on 30 September.
The Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone will then be rolled out around the world with 32 more countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America expected to get the handset by the fourth quarter of the year.

20/06/2008 - Samsung Instinct goes on sale 21 days before iPhone 3G
The Samsung Instinct, touted as a worthy rival to the iPhone, has gone on sale in the US at a reduced price.
Wireless phone network Sprint is offering the touchscreen handset for USD$129.99.
The drop in price from the expected USD$ 199.99 is a move clearly intended to fuel rivalry with the new iPhone before it comes on the market next month.
Sprint’s an unlimited data plan (at $69.99 per month) and two year contract agreement are similar to AT&T’s iPhone options.

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