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28/02/2014 - March Madness Live app dribbles its way to Windows Phone 8 this year

This year, Windows Phone 8 users can watch all 67 NCAA men's basketball games too, now that the March Madness Live app has arrived (there's also a new app for Windows 8, if the browser doesn't cut it). The streaming app was previously available on iOS and Android only, and long ago, it even cost $10 a pop to download. Now the app is free, but any game aired on TNT, TBS or TruTV still requires a cable TV subscription for viewing. There is a brief preview period before users need to log in, and anyone can stream games aired on CBS.

As a bonus for cable subscribers, each semifinal round will have three different feeds that viewers can choose from: the game coverage itself and team-specific presentations. Other than these new features, the apps also got a new interface that make them more suitable for phone and tablet screens. The March Madness Live apps aren't exactly available yet, but as the name implies, they're slated to hit the App Store, Google Play and Windows Marketplaces sometime this March.

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Source: NCAA, Turner Sports

25/02/2014 - Yahoo launches UK edition of its News Digest iOS app

With MWC in full swing, CES seems but a distant memory. It was at last month's trade show that Yahoo debuted its News Digest app for iOS, which serves up twice-daily dumps of important news bites. It launched with a US audience in mind, but as of yesterday, Brits can now download their very own UK edition of News Digest. In principle, it delivers exactly the same kind of curated content -- quick-to-read news nuggets that summarize the takeaway using various types of media -- just with a greater focus on UK-centric stories and, we assume, with everything spelt correctly.

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17/12/2013 - The original Tomb Raider is now available on iOS for $1

Perhaps you saw the lush TressFX in the latest Tomb Raider game and thought, "Man, I'd sure like to go back to the way things were, back when Lara Croft's hair was little more than a brown object affixed to her polygonal face!" Well you're in luck, as Square Enix today re-released the original 1996 version of Tomb Raider, rough edges and all, on the iOS App Store. Better still? It's just $1 -- about the maximum we could see ourselves paying for a near 20 year old game.

As for how easy you'll find guiding Lara through the tombs she's known to raid, that's another question altogether: screenshots show a mess of contextual on-screen virtual buttons as the means of control (or perhaps as an attempt at control). Even if it's unplayable, the most money you could waste is a single bank note -- not exactly what we'd call a risky proposition.

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11/09/2013 - Everything Apple Announced at Yesterday's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Event
During yesterday's event that took place in Cuperino, Apple has finally unveiled the long-awaited new iPhones: iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. 

20/08/2013 - Google Maps gets real time Waze reports on Android and iOS

Google Maps for iOS and Android  gets real time Waze reports

I mean, we knew this was coming sooner or later. Still, it's nice to see a major teamup come out of that Google / Waze marriage that happened back in June (who doesn't love a summer wedding?). Google Maps mobile users in the US, UK and a slew of other countries are getting Waze-submitted real time accident, construction, road closure and other reports on Android and iOS. It's a two-way street here, of course, meaning that Waze users on the aforementioned mobile operating systems will be getting Google Search, Street View and satellite images baked directly into their app. More information on the partnerships can be found in the source link below.

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Source: Google Lat Long

10/08/2013 - iOS 7 Beta 4 Featuring Long List of Bug Fixes and Improvements
The beta version of the upcoming iOS 7 release contains several improvements and bug fixes, and is set to be deployed only on dedicated iOS 7 beta software development devices.

30/07/2013 - Tracklander: the Must-Have App for Adventure Seekers
App developers seem to have already made apps for all kinds of people. Some of these apps become an instant hit and rock the entire industry for months while others create a short-lived stir and then fade into oblivion. Tracklander is the app that's tailor-made for iPhone users with a bit of wanderlust, and it appears to be holding its own in a marketplace brimming with all sorts of apps for active travelers and adventurers.

08/07/2013 - New Roamer App Reduces Call Roaming Bills Abroad up to 90%
The phone bill can shoot up to a hefty amount when you are travelling abroad due to steep call roaming charges. However, there is now an app that lightens this financial load for iOS and Android mobile device users. Roamer is a new app for iOS and Android that saves users call forwarding bills abroad by up to 90%.

03/07/2013 - Vine update brings new tools and channels, videos still six seconds long


Vine's offering up the latest update to the iOS version of the video sharing. Nope, it's not an Instagram-inspired lengthening. Instead, version 1.3 brings a handful of new tools to the micro-video service, assuring that you make the best six second film possible, including grid, focus and ghosting. The app's also adding 15 new content channels like music, nature and comedy, each of which has its own distinct theme and Popular feed. Revining, meanwhile, makes it easier to share friends' videos and On The Rise, shows you up and coming Viners. Also new is protected posts, so you don't have to let the whole world in one your video brilliance.

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13/06/2013 - Apple's AirDrop iOS 7 Feature Allows for Filesharing
The latest version of Apple's iOS 7 will feature many different changes, one of the most exciting being the AirDrop . It will allow users to share content with other people who are nearby.

13/06/2013 - Live TV and VOD now Available on Android Through Verizon FiOS Mobile
If you've been missing out on Verizon's FiOS Mobile service for your Android, you can now experience it, just like the iOS users have been doing for a few months. This application can now be accessed on a variety of different Android smartphones and tablets, giving users the ability to finally enjoy watching live TV and On Demand on their devices.

15/04/2013 - Quickoffice: Mobile File Editing Software Has Arrived
Being able to share files and add new ones on a mobile device is a process that took a long time to happen but has now officially emerged with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in a convenient platform.

28/02/2013 - Mobile World Congress 2013: The End of Apple Dominance Is Near
The annual meeting Mobile World Congress, ongoing this week in Barcelona, seems to mark more than any other event the end of Apple dominance in the global market for smartphones and tablets and the rise of some rivals with more open operating systems.

14/02/2013 - Mobile Phone Sales Fell in 2012 While Smartphones Thrived
Half of last year, the research and market analysis company Gartner warned that sales of handsets are in decline, the final report for last year, which was published today, confirming the trend observed in August.

31/01/2013 - Apple Launches iOS 6.1: Short List of Improvements
Apple has released an update package for the 6.1 version of its iOS software platform, bringing only few improvements. iOS 6.1 is a minor update designed to improve the LTE compatibility and to repair a series of vulnerabilities.

20/12/2012 - Rockmelt social browser comes to iPhone, Android version still in development

Rockmelt social browser comes to iPhone, Android version still in development

When we heard Rockmelt was going to announce some news about its social browser becoming available to lots more people, we assumed that meant the Android version was finally ready. Not quite: turns out the company was just referring to iPhone users. Indeed, the startup just announced an iPhone version of its news aggregator, which should go nicely with the iPad app that launched back in October. Like the iPad version, it presents articles as endlessly scrollable tiles, not unlike the way your Facebook timeline is laid out. Similar to Facebook, too, you can use so-called emoticodes to like things or indicate other profound human responses, such as "hmm" or "WTF?" Other than that, there's not much to it: swipe left to close out of a story; swipe right to save it as a bookmark. It's available for free in the App Store now; no ETA on that Android version, but we're told the company is actively toiling away on it.

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27/11/2012 - Rdio for iOS hits version 2.0: now with all-new design, unified player and more

Rdio for iOS hits version 20 now with allnew design, unified player and more

Rdio's done a pretty decent job at often keeping its desktop and mobile apps updated with fresh features. With that in mind, the streaming service has just pushed out v2.0 of its iOS application, which includes a novel and very sleek design that, as you can see above, brings an all-new navigation bar, as well as the addition of a unified player to make syncing across multiple devices easier and a remote control feature to let folks tinker with other Rdio apps. Of course, this new version (2.0.0, to be precise) is compatible with the usual iOS suspects (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) -- and, better yet, you can grab the updated app now directly from your Cupertino device or via the source link below.

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17/10/2012 - Don't call it a GIF: Lightt is an app that lets you upload silent, looping clips for your friends to comment on

Don't call it a GIF: Lightt is an app that lets you upload silent, looping clips for your friends to comment on

Technically speaking, it would be incorrect to call Lightt the Instagram for GIFs, but really, it's tough to explain it any other way. In short, it's a new app for iOS which captures short, soundless clips that play back in an endless loop. (See? Looks like a GIF and is mesmerizing like a GIF, except it's actually a proprietary file format.) Once you record a clip, or "Highlight," you can upload as many as you want, and then share them to either Twitter or Facebook. (Careful: the default privacy setting is public.) Then, once you offload those segments onto the company's servers, people can like them or leave comments. Similarly, too, anyone with a browser can see your feed, though you also have the option of viewing people's images from within the app itself. The Insta-comparisons end there, though: with Lightt, you can't run your clips through any sort of artsy filters.

As with other social networks, you can follow users you find intriguing. There's also a "Featured" list, curated by Lightt, but you can't currently search for things based on tags, which is how you might discover cool stuff on other sites, like Tumblr or Pinterest. There's an element of randomness, then, when it comes to unearthing new things, though you can at least find friends on the site by importing your contacts from other services. Interestingly, too, all your images live online: even when you view your feed on your phone, the app is simply pulling it in from the web. Still, if you really like something, you can save a still frame to your device. The app is available now for free in the App Store (no word on if it'll ever come to other platforms), and we've also got a gallery of screenshots at the ready below.

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Don't call it a GIF: Lightt is an app that lets you upload silent, looping clips for your friends to comment on originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 17 Oct 2012 09:00:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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24/09/2012 - iOS 6 already adopted 25-35% after 48 hours
After the iPhone 5 mania the previous week, we now have the iOS 6 mania. Every iPhone user was expecting for this update, hoping that it will boost the performance of their phones. The update from iOS 5 to iOS 6 was rather smooth for most iPhone holders, since its adoption was fast, comparing to the previous updates.

31/08/2012 - Distro Issue 55: a cautionary tale of the state-supported 38 Studios

Distro Issue 55 the cautionary tale of 38 Studios and state investments

In 2004, Curt Schilling and a badly injured ankle led the Red Sox to their first World Series championship in 86 years. That's right, he was the ace that helped break the "Curse of the Bambino" from the mound. Fast forward to 2010, where Schilling had hung up his cleats and lobbied for Rhode Island officials to give his video game outfit, 38 Studios, a $75 million loan guarantee. Just two years later, the studio filed for Chapter 7, leaving the state's taxpayers holding the tab. In this week's issue, Jason Hidalgo takes a look at what went down in New England and examines the risk of public funds being used to support private tech companies. We had folks on the ground in Berlin to monitor the happenings at IFA this week and a few notable gadgets from said event occupy "Hands-on". As far as full-on reviews go, we put the Archos 101 XS, Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE and Acer Aspire V5 through their paces. "Forum" is chock full of even more reads, eSports commentator John Sargent stops by for the Q&A, "Time Machines" kicks it old school and "Eyes-on" takes on 35mm, retro-style photography. The week is over, so hit the link that you fancy the most to grab your copy and let the relaxation begin.

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19/06/2012 - Google Offers swings by the iPhone, saves dough for Apples

Google Offers swings by the iPhone, saves dough for Apples

iPhone owners bummed that their Android-using friends were taking advantage of Google Offers they couldn't use can now level the playing field: an iOS port has just gone live. Much like its Google-native peer, the iPhone-optimized version can spot discounts in the neighborhood and will let you claim them on the spot. The chronically inattentive still get a lot of love in the process with both mentions of new offers and warnings for soon-to-expire deals. In keeping with Google Offers' current US-only focus, the app won't show outside of American borders just yet -- but if you've been thinking those yoga classes in Portland were a bit too dearly priced, your iPhone (and a well-timed sale) is now all it takes to set things right.

Google Offers swings by the iPhone, saves dough for Apples originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 19 Jun 2012 14:08:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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09/06/2012 - Apple alternative to UDID may come soon, track app use without pesky privacy issues

Apple alternative to UDID may come soon, track app use without pesky privacy issues

Apple has already provided a few clues as to what it's going to put on the plate for developers at WWDC. One change that's unlikely to be touted at the keynote, or even the entire conference, could prove to be the most important for app writers: an alternative to the UDID (Unique Device Identifier) that Apple started phasing out a year ago. If Wall Street Journal tipsters are right, the hardware-specific ID will be replaced with tagging independent of any one iPad or iPhone, such as a number sequence. The system as it's teased would let developers track user behavior and improve their apps without spooking users worried that Apple, or someone else, might snoop over their shoulders by linking a UDID to the owner. It sure sounds like a remedy to mounting privacy concerns to us, although an unveiling supposedly due within the "coming weeks" raises the possibility that the new ID won't show its face until after the programming hordes have already left San Francisco.

Apple alternative to UDID may come soon, track app use without pesky privacy issues originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 09 Jun 2012 06:13:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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13/12/2011 - iPhone 4S Could Be Banned in Europe
iPhone 4S, Apple’s latest smartphone, could be banned in Europe along with all Apple devices that have GPRS connectivity and run iOS, following a lawsuit filed in Germany by Motorola.

02/12/2011 - Sales Below Expectations For Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 800, although very promising at the time of launch, fails to stop the manufacturer Nokia from its sharp decline in the smart devices market.

26/10/2011 - Nokia N9, Love at Second Sight
Nokia N9, the charismatic smartphone with MeeGo OS is one of those gadgets that after an initial period of time conquers you irremediably thanks to its outstanding design and its fresh and different operating system.

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