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30/10/2012 - Xiaomi 2 Launched in China
Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is launching its new smartphone Xiaomi 2 today. According to the company, the gadget will compete with Samsung Galaxy S3, the new iPhone 5 and HTC One X+, the price being expected to be the main argument for this statement.

03/07/2012 - iPhone Revenue Hits $150 Billion in 5 Years
Apple iPhones have had a resounding success since launch, having generating huge revenues for the Cupertino-based company over the time.

19/06/2012 - First Parts of the New iPhone 5 Revealed
Apple is preparing to launch this fall the new iPhone and international expert blogs already began showing more and more items coming to support the idea that the iPhone 5 or "new iPhone" will have a larger screen and will be more efficient.

02/04/2012 - Your Smartphone Cameras Can Give Digital Cams A Run For Their Money
In these need-to-feel-better times, you should feel good knowing that your smartphone cameras can save you a lot of money if you want to do a good photo-taking job and have lots of fun without having to buy yourself one of those expensive, high- end digital cameras.

27/12/2011 - The Year in Which the World Divided Between Samsung and Apple
South Koreans have surpassed the U.S. in sales of smartphones in 2011, but the holidays can bring Apple into the top.

19/12/2011 - Top Smartphones of 2011
The year of 2011 brought a series of major changes in the telecom industry. If at the beginning of 2011 the market started to be dominated by devices with 4-inch screens, now manufacturers already impose a new trend: devices with larger screens of up to 4.3 inches, so the potential buyer gets to a point where does not know if the terminal desired is a phone or … a small-sized PC tablet.

13/12/2011 - iPhone 4S Could Be Banned in Europe
iPhone 4S, Apple’s latest smartphone, could be banned in Europe along with all Apple devices that have GPRS connectivity and run iOS, following a lawsuit filed in Germany by Motorola.

20/10/2011 - Samsung and Google Launch Galaxy Nexus
Samsung and Google, have launched the Galaxy Nexus, the world's first smartphone equipped with Android Ice Cream Sandwich and HD screen Super AMOLED.

10/10/2011 - HTC Sensation XL with Audio Beats
After the HTC Sensation XE, here is another model produced by the Taiwanese manufacturer that comes with Beats Audio. We are talking about HTC Sensation XL, the smartphone everyone says is the Android Gingerbread version of HTC Titan. Its huge 4.7-inch touchscreen has a S-LCD matrix of 480x800 pixels. We are presenting you a list of specifications for the new HTC Sensation XL.

04/10/2011 - iPhone 5 Arrives Today!
Today is the day when the long-awaited launch of iPhone 5 will take place, during the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event held in Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, at 10:00am PDT.

22/09/2011 - Apple Launches Two New Smartphones in 2011: iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S
Apple is about to launch this year two new smartphones – iPhone 4S and the new generation iPhone 5, said Mark Moskowitz, an analyst at JP Morgan. According to his sources, iPad 3’s launch would be postponed to 2012.

27/06/2011 - iPhone in a Smaller and Cheaper Version for Emerging Markets
The sources close to Bloomberg are disclosing some information that we won’t even dare to hope: Apple is preparing a smaller and cheaper version of iPhone, based on the iPhone 4’s hardware. The device aims the under-development countries, areas that until now have been dominated by Nokia’s handsets.

07/04/2011 - iSuppli: Appleā€™s A5 Microprocessor Builds on Success of Predecessor
Driven by the soaring sales of products including the iPad and the iPhone 4, Apple’s shipments of products based on its A4 microprocessor reached nearly 50 million units in 2010 from virtually zero sales in 2009, IHS iSuppli research indicates. Building on the success of its A4 microprocessor, Apple recently announced that its second-generation iPad line will be based on a new microprocessor, the A5, which the company said doubles the performance of the A4.

11/01/2011 - Verizon and Apple Team Up to Deliver iPhone 4 on Verizon
Verizon Wireless and Apple have just announced that the iPhone 4 will be available on the Verizon network beginning on Thursday, February 10. Verizon customers will be given the opportunity to pre-order CDMA iPhone 4 online on February 3, ahead of general availability.

15/12/2010 - iPhone 4 Turns up the Volume for MEMS Microphone Technology
Highlighted by their adoption in Apple's iPhone 4, microelectromechanical system (MEMS) microphones are set to achieve a more than 50 percent increase in shipments in 2010 and a fourfold rise by 2014, according to the market research firm iSuppli.

02/09/2010 - Cell Phone Antenna Troubles? Radio Frequency MEMS Come to the Rescue
Help may be on the way for iPhone 4 users frustrated by dropped calls with the arrival of Radio Frequency Microelectromechanical Systems (RF MEMS), semiconductors that can improve the performance of antennas in cell phones, according to the market research firm iSuppli.

11/06/2010 - iPhone 4 Sounds Starting Gun for Smartphone Gyroscope Market
Monday’s introduction of the iPhone 4 is set to trigger explosive growth in the market for gyroscopes used in cell phones, as a flood of competitors vie to emulate the feature, says iSuppli.

08/06/2010 - iPhone 4 is Here
The iPhone 4 has been finally announced at the WWDC 2010. Powered by the A4 chip, the next iPhone is a 9.3mm thick and comes with two built-in cameras, LED flash, amazing 3.5 inch, 960 x 640 Retina Display, HD 720p video recording, FaceTime video calling and the new iOS 4.

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