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08/10/2009 - TomTom Presents Car Kit for iPhone

VIDEO. reporters navigated to TomTom’s stand at IFA 2009, where Sarah Schweiger, PR Manager for TomTom, gave them a brief introduction to the company: their main markets, competitors and challenges as well as newly released products, including long-expected car kit for iPhone scheduled to ship in the U.S. in October.

02/10/2009 - IFA 2009: The Smallest Wireless Printer and Scanner for Smartphones reporters interviewed Klaus Düll, the owner of PRETIOSO, the distributor of Datomo mobile solutions for German speaking market.

Datomo provides mobile application development and marketing services and offers web to mobile content integration& adaptation. PRETIOSO localizes all the Datomo’s apps for the German language.

Klaus gave us a live demonstration on the world’s smallest wireless printer and scanner designed for smartphones and offered by PLANon. According to him, the printer is also the world’s first to have built in paper cartridge.

29/09/2009 - IFA 2009: Menq Presents Mini GPS/GSM Tracker with GPRS

VIDEO INTERVIEW: interviewed Ann Meng, Marketing & Sales Manager of Menq International. She presented the company’s star product - mini GPS/GSM tracker with GPRS.

This tiny device shows directly map location on any mobile without installing any software and transmits the SMS message of longitude, latitude and location link to cell phone. It supports indoor orientation, single location reporting and continuous tracking. In case of emergency, help message with location is send to all preset phone numbers.

14/09/2009 - IFA 2009: The Magic Touch of Hero

Eric Matthes
, Channel Manager of HTC, was interviewed by reporters at IFA 2009 in Berlin. He explains the innovativeness of the two company’s handsets – Magic and Touch Diamond2 – that have been nominated for Plus X Award.

Our reporters were also one of the first to see the HTC’s Tattoo, short of the release.

10/09/2009 - IFA 2009: IDAPT Presents Universal Desktop Charger for All Devices

VIDEO INTERVIEW. At IFA 2009 in Berlin, reporters interviewed Jacques Giribet, CEO & Founder of IDAPT.

He showed us the company's star product – a universal desktop charger that allows to charge several portable devices (such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, PDA notebooks, GPS, Bluetooth devices, game consoles, etc.) at the same time, through a system of interchangeable tips. According to the company, it’s compatible with over 3000 devices.

28/08/2009 - IFA 2009: the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Consumer Electronics is Coming

IFA 2009 - the business event no. 1 for consumer electronics - will take place in Berlin from September 4-9.

For one week international media interest will be concentrated on IFA. Also the Biz-News journalists will be reporting directly from Berlin covering the latest in CE products.

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