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20/12/2013 - China Mobile Boosts Subsidies While Waiting For Conclusion of iPhone Deal
China Mobile, the world’s leading phone company, is set to use a lot of money on subsidies in the coming year as it endeavors to lure its customers to the new speedy service and boost the sale of smartphones by as much as 42%.

19/12/2013 - Olloclip runs its 3-in-1 lens through the color machine for the iPhone 5c

Folks who bought an iPhone 5c because they honest to goodness love color probably won't settle for drab accessories. So, in order to suit these users' festive tastes, Olloclip jazzed up its popular 3-in-1 lens with hues to match Apple's lower-cost handsets. Similar to previous releases, this 3-in-1 comes with the brand's macro, fisheye and wide-angle lenses to take close-ups, 180-degree shots and pictures with twice the field of view, respectively. Unlike the iPhone 5/5s version, though, the iPhone 5c lens costs $10 less at $59.99 and comes in neon green, yellow, red, blue and, finally, white -- for the less adventurous. The accessory won't ship out until early January, but it's now available for pre-order from the company's website.

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16/12/2013 - iPhone 5s - the world’s bestselling smartphone for two months in a row
According to market researcher Counterpoint, both the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S4’s worldwide in the month of October.

04/12/2013 - mSpy: A Terrifying Smartphone And Tablet Spying App
If you are keen in preserving your privacy, then you should definitely be weary of the mSpy app. When installed on an iOS or Android device, the app can track phone records, keyboard strokes and location data in the background without your knowledge.

05/11/2013 - Smartphone Market Share Held by Samsung; 2.5x Apple’s
Samsung's sales per quarter have reached 90 million for the first time. This means that Samsung Electronics has beat Apple with over 50 million units of sale. On the other hand, China’s Huawei is now in the third place after LG electronics showed some slowdown in sales in its third quarter smartphone sales.

18/09/2013 - Will the Newly Released iPhone 5c Appeal to Emerging Markets?
According to a report published by USA TODAY, many analysts are skeptical that the iPhone 5c will have huge sales in the emerging markets. Just a day after the release of the high-end iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c (the cheaper one of the two), analysts are still concerned with the iPhone 5c retail prices. Without a contract, the phone is set to sell at $549 and $99 with a two-year contract.

11/09/2013 - Everything Apple Announced at Yesterday's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Event
During yesterday's event that took place in Cuperino, Apple has finally unveiled the long-awaited new iPhones: iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. 

30/07/2013 - Tracklander: the Must-Have App for Adventure Seekers
App developers seem to have already made apps for all kinds of people. Some of these apps become an instant hit and rock the entire industry for months while others create a short-lived stir and then fade into oblivion. Tracklander is the app that's tailor-made for iPhone users with a bit of wanderlust, and it appears to be holding its own in a marketplace brimming with all sorts of apps for active travelers and adventurers.

30/04/2013 - iPhone 5S’s Latest Fingerprint Reader Coming Soon
The iPhone 5S’s latest fingerprint reader has been mentioned in the news a lot these day. It is the latest addition to the parade of features offered by Apple although Samsung and others competitors may have their say about this. Though it has been been given much hype and has already been publicized, fans and spectators must wait until fall before the fingerprint reader will be unveiled.

15/04/2013 - Quickoffice: Mobile File Editing Software Has Arrived
Being able to share files and add new ones on a mobile device is a process that took a long time to happen but has now officially emerged with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in a convenient platform.

11/04/2013 - Otterbox iPhone 4 / 4S Defender case with iON Intelligence launching April 18th for $130 (video)

Otterbox iPhone 4 / 4S Defender case with iON Intelligence launching April 18th for $130 (video)

It was at CES that we were first introduced to Otterbox's Defender case with iON Intelligence, which promises to keep phones alive in two ways: by shielding them from physical abuse, and by serving up extra juice whenever they're thirsty. Otterbox has now told us the new case is nearly ready to bounce off hit the streets, and will be launching on April 18th for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The case combines the familiar hard shell, rubbery sleeve and screen protector for laughing off falls, with a 1,450mAh battery -- that's a sliver bigger than the 4 / 4S built-ins -- to effectively double capacity. LEDs on the case let you know how much extra juice is left, and the companion iON Intelligence app automatically redirects power when it's needed, as well as monitoring usage to predict how long 'til your next charge. The iPhone 4 / 4S model will be available from Otterbox's online den for $129.95, and others are in the works for "other top iOS and Android devices." Check out the promo videos below for a full product walkthrough.

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20/03/2013 - New rumor about a cheaper iPhone coming out in August
We never run out of iPhone-related rumors and this month could not be an exception. Although we have heard of various rumors lately, some of them keep coming around, which might actually show a sign of validity in them.

17/02/2013 - Mophie Outride review: action-cam case for iPhone can't replace dedicated shooters

Mophie Outride review actioncam case for iPhone can't replace dedicated shooters

Over the years, Mophie has become synonymous with extending the iPhone's battery life. The outfit's range of battery-filled iPhone cases has garnered rave reviews across the industry, and even I religiously used one on an iPhone 3G. In more recent days, the company has cautiously expanded into a few new areas -- namely, building battery cases for non-Apple phones, and creating the contraption shown above. The Mophie Outride is an action-cam case that's designed to be strapped onto helmets, automobile hoods and any other place where your average X Games wannabe would look to capture extreme sports footage.

But, unlike the myriad rivals on the market today, the Outride doesn't actually include a camera. Instead, you're supposed to strap your iPhone 4 or 4S into it (an iPhone 5 model has yet to be announced), allowing the smartphone you already own to handle the bulk of the work. At first blush, it sounded like an ideal solution to me. After all, I'm generally in favor of convergence and consolidation, and as an avid traveler, having one less thing to carry (in this case, a dedicated camera) is a godsend. In practice, however, the Outride did little outside of convincing me that GoPro exists for a reason.

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31/01/2013 - Apple Launches iOS 6.1: Short List of Improvements
Apple has released an update package for the 6.1 version of its iOS software platform, bringing only few improvements. iOS 6.1 is a minor update designed to improve the LTE compatibility and to repair a series of vulnerabilities.

22/01/2013 - 3 New iPhones to be Released During 2013?
Rumors about the new iPhone have already started circulating around and this time we're hearing about the possible release of 3 new iPhones during 2013.

14/01/2013 - Samsung Galaxy S Range Sells Over 100 Million Copies
Samsung has announced in a post on the official blog the number of over 100 million Galaxy S terminals sold.

03/12/2012 - Unlocked iPhone 5 available in USA
Just before the Christmas period, when shopping craze is more intense than ever, Apple has updated the online store, allowing the clients to purchase a contract-free version of the iPhone 5, which will be shipped in one week of the purchase, in any capacity and color.

30/10/2012 - Xiaomi 2 Launched in China
Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is launching its new smartphone Xiaomi 2 today. According to the company, the gadget will compete with Samsung Galaxy S3, the new iPhone 5 and HTC One X+, the price being expected to be the main argument for this statement.

10/10/2012 - iPhone 5 demand creates problems in supply
Two weeks after the release of the iPhone 5 in various countries, there are still complaints about the big waiting list that some are facing, in order to get the hyped iPhone 5. As it seems, the demand was more than what the production expected, which created several problems, especially with the online orders. The shipping estimate might reach three to four weeks for the new orders, while some Apple stores are not able to meet the demands of the customers.

01/10/2012 - iPhone 5 reaches 5 million sales in just 2 days
iPhone 5 was destined to be a successful release, even before reaching in our hands. Apple knows very well that every new iPhone handset will attract significant popularity, which means that it will eventually boost their annual sales.

28/09/2012 - Cellcom to offer iPhone 5 for $149 and up starting Friday

Small carrier Cellcom just announced pricing details for the iPhone 5, which it will offer starting this Friday, September 28th. Apple's latest smartphone will run on the carrier's 3G network, and pricing for the various models is as follows: $149 for the 16GB version, $249 for 32GB and $349 for 64GB. iPhone 5 owners on Cellcom will have to choose one of four plans, ranging from $69.95 for unlimited testing and 200 voice minutes to $109.95 for unlimited voice, text and 2,048MB of data. (Of course, there's a mandatory two-year contract as well.) Head past the break for the carrier's full press release.

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27/09/2012 - iPhone 5 jailbroken from day 1, while breaking a pre-order record
iPhone 5 kept busy the homepage of every smartphone website the last week and it is not surprising that there were so many things to write about it. Since the announcement of it, every Apple fan anticipated for the big news. Since its sale, every Apple fan pre-ordered it and by the time it was finally on stores, a skillful hacker managed to jailbreak it, in just a single day!

24/09/2012 - Verizon has no plans to re-lock iPhone 5's GSM and 3G sides

Verizon has no plans to relock iPhone 5's GSM and 3G sides

When we learned that Verizon wouldn't lock the GSM-related components of the iPhone 5, we were waiting for a "gotcha" moment. Surely the carrier would clamp down and steer us back towards its more expensive roaming plans, right? Not according to Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney: she says there's no plans to lock Apple's handset at a later point. In other words, you should be free to use a Verizon-locked iPhone 5 on any compatible GSM and HSPA+ networks for as long as you'd like, including with AT&T and Canadian carriers. Of course, this still brings the caveats of having to both buy a Verizon model, either at full price or with a contract attached, and track down a nano-SIM for the carrier of choice. It could nonetheless settle the question of what carrier to pick if you regularly need a passport when you travel -- especially knowing that neither AT&T nor Sprint will be quite so open-minded.

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Verizon has no plans to re-lock iPhone 5's GSM and 3G sides originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 24 Sep 2012 14:58:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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24/09/2012 - iOS 6 already adopted 25-35% after 48 hours
After the iPhone 5 mania the previous week, we now have the iOS 6 mania. Every iPhone user was expecting for this update, hoping that it will boost the performance of their phones. The update from iOS 5 to iOS 6 was rather smooth for most iPhone holders, since its adoption was fast, comparing to the previous updates.

18/09/2012 - Samsung proudly compares Galaxy S III with iPhone 5
The battle has just started between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, or else, between Apple and Samsung. Apple might have won the patent case over Samsung, but Samsung proudly advertises Galaxy S III as the phone that has what iPhone 5 presents as novelties.

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