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11/04/2013 - Otterbox iPhone 4 / 4S Defender case with iON Intelligence launching April 18th for $130 (video)

Otterbox iPhone 4 / 4S Defender case with iON Intelligence launching April 18th for $130 (video)

It was at CES that we were first introduced to Otterbox's Defender case with iON Intelligence, which promises to keep phones alive in two ways: by shielding them from physical abuse, and by serving up extra juice whenever they're thirsty. Otterbox has now told us the new case is nearly ready to bounce off hit the streets, and will be launching on April 18th for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The case combines the familiar hard shell, rubbery sleeve and screen protector for laughing off falls, with a 1,450mAh battery -- that's a sliver bigger than the 4 / 4S built-ins -- to effectively double capacity. LEDs on the case let you know how much extra juice is left, and the companion iON Intelligence app automatically redirects power when it's needed, as well as monitoring usage to predict how long 'til your next charge. The iPhone 4 / 4S model will be available from Otterbox's online den for $129.95, and others are in the works for "other top iOS and Android devices." Check out the promo videos below for a full product walkthrough.

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15/07/2010 - Consumer Interest in Smartphones Catapulted to Unprecedented Levels
ChangeWave's latest smart phone survey of 4,028 consumers shows an explosive transformation occurring in consumer demand – resulting in some major new winners and losers for second half 2010. The survey took a close-up look at consumer demand for the new Apple iPhone 4 and the HTC Droid Incredible.

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