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26/02/2014 - A new version of the Moto X is coming this summer

After Lenovo's recent purchase, questions immediately arose surrounding Motorola's planned device launches for 2014. In a Twitter Q&A surrounding the events at Mobile World Congress, the handset maker revealed that the next version of its popular Moto X is coming in "late summer." Unfortunately, that's about all the outfit was willing to spill for now, but we'll be curious to see how things like manufacturing play out in the coming months.

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Q from twitter: When is next version of Moto X? A: Keep posted - hint - late summer. #MotoMWC

— Motorola Mobility (@Motorola) February 25, 2014 " target="_blank">Motorola (Twitter)

23/02/2014 - Microsoft announces new Windows Phone hardware partners, including LG and Lenovo

Microsoft is on a roll at its MWC event today. Shortly after announcing updates to Windows and Windows Phone, the company also told us that it's now trying to make its mobile platform more flexible for operators and manufacturers and is now working with a whole bevy of new manufacturing partners. Among the notable companies on the list are LG, Lenovo and ZTE, in addition to several companies in India, such as Xolo, Karbonn and Lava. Some of the listed companies (such as LG, Huawei and ZTE) have worked with Windows Phone in the past, but today's revelations show that those companies haven't completely turned away from Microsoft -- or have returned to the fold.

Says Microsoft VP Nick Parker, "we're open for business on Windows Phone to anyone who wants to build one." The company is extending its arms out to more partners by providing more options; for instance, Parker told us that Microsoft is now working with operators on possible white label devices -- phones that are branded by operators but built by other manufacturers. Additionally, Microsoft also announced that any company can build a Windows Phone using Qualcomm's Reference Design; interestingly, this means that Android-based hardware could potentially be reused for Windows Phone.

These changes announced today will certainly add more appeal and higher volume to the platform around the world, especially in emerging markets, and is a good way for Microsoft to indirectly address growing concerns that its upcoming acquisition of Nokia's device division would limit the interest of outside manufacturers.

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05/02/2014 - Google sells Motorola Smartphone business to Lenovo
Lenovo has gotten an amazing opportunity while it continues to grow impressively in the PC industry.

26/05/2013 - Lenovo hopes to sell smartphones in the US within a year

Lenovo hopes to sell smartphones in the US within a year

While Lenovo is one of the fastest-rising smartphone makers today, many Americans wouldn't know it when the company has never officially sold handsets in the country. They might soon be well acquainted, according to CEO Yang Yuanqing: he wants Lenovo to be selling smartphones in the US within a year's time. Mobile is the firm's next growth machine, he tells the Wall Street Journal, and that entails having smartphones in big markets beyond China, India and Russia. Yang is under no illusions that Lenovo can simply waltz into the fiercely competitive US market, but he also doesn't see much choice -- when the PC market is slowing down, business as usual may not be enough.

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20/11/2012 - Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch confirmed on company's site, scheduled for December launch


Announced quietly on its site today, Lenovo's pushing its Ultrabook legacy forward with the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch. Details on the 14-inch device are light at the moment, but from what we can glean, this Windows 8-based machine will feature an "HD+" display, which should translate to a 1,600 x 900 resolution, and come housed in a carbon fiber construction. And as its moniker points out, this particular Ultrabook one ups its keyboard-only predecessor with the addition of a touch screen. It's slated for launch sometime this December, so stay tuned for further details on pricing and availability.

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09/05/2012 - Lenovo to Invest $800 Million in Mobile Devices
Lenovo has big ambitions for mobile devices and puts on the line not less than $800 million to be invested in a new facility whose purpose is research and development in mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets.

12/01/2012 - CES 2012: Intel Sets New Standards in Smartphones and Tablets
Intel has announced a series of progresses on its entire activity in the smartphones industry, including the signing of a partnership for several years on many devices with Motorola Mobility and provided information on a Lenovo smartphone based on the new platform of the Intel Atom processor. More Intel Atom-based smartphones are to hit the market in 2012.

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