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17/10/2012 - FBI Warns Android Users of Malware Risk
The news arrived from the FBI via the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) division, warn the owners of Android smartphones about the appearance of new malware targeting this category of devices.

16/01/2012 - 2012 Brings 2.5 Million New Viruses. The Main Target: Android Smartphones
2012 will bring a total of over 2.5 million new viruses, a marked increase in malware dedicated to mobile devices and attacks against large organizations, according to the report released by the German IT security company G Data.

30/11/2011 - BitDefender Launches Mobile Security for Android Smartphones
BitDefender, one of the leading antivirus vendors in the world, has launched BitDefender Mobile Security, an application specially designed for Android smartphones.

08/06/2011 - New Mobile Malware Droid Dream Affected around 120,000 Android Users Badly
It is informed that approximately from 30,000 to 120,000 Android smartphone users are recently affected by a malware named as Droid Dream. It is believed that this malware is not a new thing and it is the same one that affected 50 applications earlier in March. According to Lookout Security, the latest malware was found in 25 and above mobile applications, which were removed earlier from Android Market by Google.

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