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26/10/2009 - Mobile Internet in Africa: Interview with Jose Henriques, Vodacom

Mobile internet is no longer luxury in Africa as it has become a valuable tool of global development, this according to Jose Henriques, Vodacom executive head of internet services.

Henriques was speaking to in Johannesburg last week during the Mobile Web Africa conference whose focus was looking at ways of harnessing the potential of internet and applications on mobile devices.

22/10/2009 - Young Entrepreneur Brings Openmoko to Africa

INTERVIEW. A young entrepreneur in South Africa has teamed up with Openmoko to distribute the Neo Freerunner to Africa.

Nyasha Mutsekwa
spoke to at the sidelines of Mobile Web Africa conference in Johannesburg of his mission.

The Neo Freerunner is an open-source phone, which allows developers and enthuasists alike access to the source code and hardware schematics to customize the device to their hearts content.

15/10/2009 - Thumbs Up For SA's "Call Me Back" Technology

South African mobile cellular phone companies have been praised for implementing a free “Call Me Back” short messages (SMS) information technology.

The two-day Mobile Web Africa conference was mainly focusing on harnessing the potential of the internet and applications on mobile devices aimed at improving people’s standards of life through affordable and readily accessible technology.

20/07/2009 - Mobile Web a "Miserable" Experience for Many Users

Mobile web users have 35 per cent less success completing website tasks on cell phones than they do on a PC, according to a study.
Small screens, awkward input, download delays and badly designed websites were all given as obstacles to a good browsing experience.

13/03/2009 - Developers' Dilemma: Mobile Website or Downloadable Application?

Despite the rapidly increasing interest in mobile content - and the revenue generating potential it offers - uncertainty often exists over whether to develop mobile websites or create downloadable applications.
Ameet Shah, sales and business development director with Five Mobile, has raised some interesting points for those considering producing content for smartphones.

16/10/2008 - Global Mobile Web Usage Exploding

Mobile Web and application usage is growing rapidly, according to mobile advertising agency AdMob.
The increase is attributed to a combination of organic growth from AdMob’s legacy publishers and the addition of thousands of new mobile sites and applications to the company’s publisher network.

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