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22/06/2009 - Nishino Impresses as Expected
Nishino, the Madison Valley Japanese restaurant, is definitely one of our favorite places to eat, and in the running for all time favorite. We have eaten here at least a dozen times in the last year.

A short list of what we love:
  1. Being greeted, and remembered, by the owners
  2. Ambiance - not too loud, good separation between dining and sushi bar, fresh white linens, bright enough to feel alive, and acoustics that allow you to keep your conversations private
  3. Courteous staff, and we always ask for the same server, who remembers the little things (Elisa)
  4. Fresh fish - the albacore is to die for, as are all the tuna varietals; salmon is often perfect; most other types are 'melt in the mouth'
  5. Sake selection - top notch and served in custom made bamboo flasks
  6. Non sushi selections - really good salads and vegetable dishes, mushrooms, asparagus, greens, and the dressings are perfect
  7. Consistency - its great every time we go, great

04/06/2009 - Palm Pre Passes First Hurdle - "iPhone Competitor"

Palm's Pre smartphone has received a pre-launch boost with a succession of (mostly) favorable reviews.
And, in what must be the ultimate accolade in the highly competitive smartphone market, the device has even been described as a tough competitor to Apple's iPhone.

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