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14/06/2010 - Rubberduck Launches Support for Touch Phones
Rubberduck, a provider of streaming mobile TV services, announced support for a wide range of new touch phones, through an in-house developed Java application. The Java client also runs on Symbian devices from Nokia and Sony Ericsson ahead of a dedicated app, expected with the launch of Symbian^4 in 2011.

27/04/2010 - Rubberduck’s Mobile TV Solution Now Supports HTTP Streaming
Rubberduck, a provider of streaming mobile TV services, is upscaling initiatives in HTTP streaming. The HTTP streaming infrastructure is already completely integrated with the company’s technical platform.

03/03/2010 - MWC 2010: Interview with Miguel Silva, CCO of Rubberduck spoke to Miguel Angel Silva, Chief Commercial Officer at Rubberduck that was one of the first companies in Europe to launch commercial off-deck mobile TV and mobile radio services.

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