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27/02/2014 - MWC 2014: The Red Herring Price Goes For - Triple Draw Between Samsung, LG and Sony
It's split between three big players this year: Samsung, LG and Sony. 

15/01/2014 - Samsung SC-03F Tizen Device Seen in FCC Listing
Samsung has been in the news for a while now with regard to its very first Tizen smartphone. Now, the FCC listing has a Tizen smartphone whose model number is SC-03F and it is thought to be bound to NTT DocoMo, a Japanese carrier. 

13/01/2014 - Leaked Screenshots Purportedly Reveal New Smartphone UI from Samsung
Although Samsung was busy with the CES 2014 announcements, a new rumor has indicated that the company is gearing up for its next generation User interface UI. Several screenshots that indicate the home screen panel for the new smartphone have been released by @evleaks, a popular tipster.

07/01/2014 - Samsung to Launch Galaxy S5 and Galaxy F Series in 2014
Latest reports indicate that Samsung has plans to release its next generation gadget – Galaxy S5 together with the Galaxy F series in early 2014.

16/12/2013 - iPhone 5s - the world’s bestselling smartphone for two months in a row
According to market researcher Counterpoint, both the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S4’s worldwide in the month of October.

12/11/2013 - Samsung Overpowers Rivals in china’s Smartphone Market
Samsung appears to be overpowering low-cost Chinese competitors in the enormous smartphone market according to a study.

05/11/2013 - Smartphone Market Share Held by Samsung; 2.5x Apple’s
Samsung's sales per quarter have reached 90 million for the first time. This means that Samsung Electronics has beat Apple with over 50 million units of sale. On the other hand, China’s Huawei is now in the third place after LG electronics showed some slowdown in sales in its third quarter smartphone sales.

14/10/2013 - World’s First Curved Screen Smartphone Unveiled by Samsung
Samsung has released a variant of the Galaxy Note that is the world’s first smartphone with a curved display. Curved displays are poised to bring Samsung closer to achieving wearable devices with unbreakable and flexible screens.

01/10/2013 - Smartphone with Curved Displays to Be Released By Samsung
Samsung has indicated that it is going to release a smartphone with curved displays in October. This is a revolutionary invention that is meant to segment its lead in the increasingly saturated market.

23/08/2013 - Samsung Launches its Second Dual-Screen Flip-Phone: the Galaxy Golden
In a span of weeks, Samsung has launched two new clamshells. The tech giant certainly thinks the flip-phone is not going anywhere any time soon.

20/03/2013 - Samsung to launch a 5.9-inch Galaxy Note III?
Samsung is already planning the release of the following Galaxy Note, hoping that it will be another big success, coming slightly bigger than the previous one. According to The Korea Times, Galaxy Note III will be of 5.9 inches, while Galaxy Note II was 5.5 inches, and it is expected during the year.

14/02/2013 - Mobile Phone Sales Fell in 2012 While Smartphones Thrived
Half of last year, the research and market analysis company Gartner warned that sales of handsets are in decline, the final report for last year, which was published today, confirming the trend observed in August.

21/01/2013 - Samsung to Release a 5.8-inch Android Smartphone Called "Galaxy Fonblet"?
Samsung seems to be ready to release a brand new Android smartphone in Europe with a 5.8-inch display. According to Sammobile, Samsung recently purchased the trademark for "Fonblet" in order to use it as the name of their brand new mobile.

14/01/2013 - Samsung Galaxy S Range Sells Over 100 Million Copies
Samsung has announced in a post on the official blog the number of over 100 million Galaxy S terminals sold.

09/01/2013 - CES 2013: Sony Launches Xperia Z and Xperia ZL
Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL are the new flagships of the Japanese manufacturer, who have managed to make waves with their official announcement at CES 2013.

20/12/2012 - Samsung Announces Galaxy Grand
Samsung has presented a brand new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Grand, which hopes to become the next Galaxy Note II. With a 5-inch screen it's not just a smartphone, but more like a phablet, a new term that describes the gadget that is between phone and tablet.

23/11/2012 - New Rumors About The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S3 is still one of the most impressive smartphones released this year, so it is not surprising at all that rumors about the next step to be taken by the South Koreans have already appeared. 

16/11/2012 - Samsung not willing to agree with Apple over patents
The patent war between Apple and Samsung is not over yet and as it seems, it is not expected to end anytime soon. Although Apple has reached an agreement with HTC, Samsung is not willing to do so.

03/11/2012 - Samsung Galaxy Note II reaches 3 million sales
Samsung Galaxy Note II has already been a successful smartphone, since it has already sold 3 million units in just a month from its release. In fact, Samsung announced that it took Galaxy Note II just 37 days to reach the 3 million milestone, which is obviously a success for the brand. However, Apple's fans might say that iPhone 5 sold 5 million units in just 2 days, which raises the competition level even more between the two companies.

30/10/2012 - Xiaomi 2 Launched in China
Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is launching its new smartphone Xiaomi 2 today. According to the company, the gadget will compete with Samsung Galaxy S3, the new iPhone 5 and HTC One X+, the price being expected to be the main argument for this statement.

12/10/2012 - Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Officially Announced
Samsung announced the Galaxy S III Mini in an event in Germany, in an effort to satisfy the customers that complained about the size of Galaxy S III. Galaxy S III has a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, supports NFC, but lacks 4G LTE. It also has a 1GHz dual-core processor, a 1GB RAM and a 5MP rear camera.

18/09/2012 - Samsung proudly compares Galaxy S III with iPhone 5
The battle has just started between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, or else, between Apple and Samsung. Apple might have won the patent case over Samsung, but Samsung proudly advertises Galaxy S III as the phone that has what iPhone 5 presents as novelties.

26/08/2012 - Samsung to Pay $1 Billion to Apple
Apple is finally the winner in the big patent war with Samsung, since the juries found that Samsung infringed Apple's patents.

This decision is forcing all the manufacturers to avoid creating any smartphones that might even resemble to Apple's products, in order to avoid the consequences.

16/08/2012 - Samsung Breaks the Shipping Record on Smartphones
Samsung seems to enjoy its latest success on smartphones, with the numbers of the second quarter being more than satisfactory. As it seems, Samsung is finally a real competitor for Apple, with their recently popular Galaxy series selling even more than what they expected.

10/08/2012 - Half the World's Smartphones are Delivered by Samsung and Apple
A few days after the rival Apple announced its less spectacular results, it is time for Samsung to disclose the official figures of the financial performance in the second quarter, and they are pretty impressive.

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