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15/06/2012 - BBC rolls out streaming sports coverage to 3G networks

BBC rolls out streaming sports coverage to 3G networks

After giving its iPlayer the nod to stream programming content over mobile networks in the UK, the Beeb has decided to do the same with its BBC Sport mobile site. Not only will you be able to stream live coverage, like the current crop of Euro 2012 football matches, but also any existing video content that was previously desktop-bound. Hit up the source link to give it a try; you'll need Android 2.2 or higher or an iOS device that's packing version 5. Sorry, non-sporting Brits. You're going to find the Olympics pretty hard to miss this summer.

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14/06/2010 - Rubberduck Launches Support for Touch Phones
Rubberduck, a provider of streaming mobile TV services, announced support for a wide range of new touch phones, through an in-house developed Java application. The Java client also runs on Symbian devices from Nokia and Sony Ericsson ahead of a dedicated app, expected with the launch of Symbian^4 in 2011.

27/04/2010 - Rubberduck’s Mobile TV Solution Now Supports HTTP Streaming
Rubberduck, a provider of streaming mobile TV services, is upscaling initiatives in HTTP streaming. The HTTP streaming infrastructure is already completely integrated with the company’s technical platform.

19/08/2009 - Motorola to Feature Blockbuster Movie Download Service in Next Generation Handsets

Blockbuster, a provider of in-home movie and game entertainment, announced plans to feature the BLOCKBUSTER OnDemand movie download service in select Motorola phones. Through the agreement next generation Motorola phones will feature the OnDemand application, providing on-the-go download access to Blockbuster's digital library of current movies.

04/06/2009 - Mobile TV "Reaching Tipping Point": MobiTV

MobiTV has added two million new subscribers in less than six months, taking its total to more than seven million.
The company says that better viewing experiences, advances in technology and higher awareness
are all helping boost adoption levels.

07/04/2009 - BBC Launches Live Wi-Fi TV Service For Smartphones

The BBC has launched a service that allows UK viewers to watch live TV programs from suitable Wi-Fi connected mobile phones.
BBC Live TV is available in a beta test form, offering a limited number of the broadcaster's channels, plus its radio stations.

03/03/2009 - TuneWiki Adds Lyrics To Mobile Streaming Radio

TuneWiki is taking the idea of giving listeners lyrics to go with their mobile music a stage further by extending it to streaming radio.
The social media player already offers audio and video while displaying synchronized or translated lyrics. spoke to Chad Kouse, VP of R&D and CIO of the US-based developers, at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

16/02/2009 - Bitstream Launches "Fastest Mobile Browser"

Bitstream is launching its new BOLT mobile browser today with the claim that it is the fastest on the market.
Sampo Kaasila, VP of R&D at Bitstream told, that the new browser was "25-50 per cent faster" than competitor Opera.
Speaking at Showstoppers on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona he said this was backed up by tests carried out in India.

07/07/2008 - Younger viewers ditching TV for mobile media asked Christian Harris, CEO of mobile video provider Gorillabox, for his views on the mobile TV market

More and more younger viewers are eschewing traditional TV schedules and embracing new technology – mobile TV, DVRs, online streaming and downloading – to set their own viewing schedules.
So much so, that research just released reveals the average age of those watching TV in the US has tipped 50 for the first time.
The study of the big five US broadcast networks by research firm Magna Global shows the average viewer no longer falls within the 18-49 demographic so sought after by advertisers.
While average viewing age figures for the UK are not available, research by entertainment analysts Attentional shows viewing time among those aged 16-34 has been declining faster than other age groups.
This is a situation of which Christian Harris, CEO of mobile video provider Gorillabox, is fully aware.

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