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28/01/2014 - TV stations try sharing their airwaves to make room for 4G traffic

A cell tower stands alone in the desert

TV stations selling spectrum in the FCC's upcoming wireless auction may soon have a viable alternative to moving or shutting down their channels. Two Los Angeles broadcasters, KJLA and KLCS, have agreed to participate in a CTIA-backed pilot project that will test whether or not they can share airspace without interference. If the trial is successful, stations will have much more incentive to give up their frequencies for the sake of phone carriers eager for 4G bandwidth -- networks will get to both keep their channels as well as reduce their operating costs in the process. Cellular providers will have to wait patiently for results, though, as the trial will run through the first quarter of the year.

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Source: CTIA

06/09/2013 - Alcatel OneTouch Hero hands-on

Alcatel OneTouch Hero handson

Okay, you have to admit: there might actually be something to this whole large smartphone business, started by Samsung two years ago at this very trade show. Not only has the trend not gone away, nearly every major OEM is hopping on the bandwagon. Alcatel OneTouch is interested in joining the party, and it's entering the field with a doozy aptly called the Hero, a 6-inch behemoth with a full HD (1,920 x 1,080) display and a few tricks up its sleeves. It's relatively easy on the hands, with a curved back and a decent thickness of 8.5mm. In fact, compared to the Acer Liquid S2 (another 6-inch smartphone announced at IFA), it's 6mm narrower, 7.5mm shorter and 0.5mm thinner -- great news, especially since we felt pretty comfortable with the S2 during our hands-on.

In many parts of the world, Alcatel OneTouch is still an unknown, despite the fact that the manufacturer has a reputation for pushing out up to a dozen handsets at one time. While this is still very much the case this week, we've noticed that the company has put a much higher amount of focus on quality. The Hero doesn't remind us of a cheap KIRF or knockoff phone. Instead, we came away much more impressed with the phone's look and feel than we originally expected. Continue past the break for more of our thoughts and the Hero's features.


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26/08/2013 - Oppo reveals more about N1's backside touch as pics leak out


Buttons and trackpads on the back of mobile devices? It's becoming a trend. Oppo has revealed that users will be able to scroll, double click and long press with the backside touch feature of the forthcoming Oppo N1. Apparently it'll be possible to swipe through pages (or change songs), activate and control the camera or bind the actions to other apps as you see fit. At the same time, the N1's chassis has been snapped in this rather beautifully composed rumorgram shot, so you can see exactly what you'll be reaching around when this unit gets an official announcement in September.

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Source: Feng Chao Lie Feng (Sina Weibo), Oppo (Sina Weibo), (2)

24/06/2013 - Google Play for Education now accepting developer submissions

Google Play for Education now accepting developer submissions

Google's getting serious about education. Its Play for Education portal, announced last month at I/O, is creeping ever closer to a full launch, with a call for application submissions starting today. Developers that want to be considered for Google's curated storefront can mark their applications for consideration now via the Play Developer Console. But unlike the wild, wild west of the Play store at-large, where anything goes, not every education-focused app will get the greenlight. In fact, Google's submission process requires all applications marked as suitable for K-12 to first pass through a network of non-affiliated educators for evaluation before then being measured against the Play for Education store's requirements for classroom use. If selected, developer's applications will be made available to the many pilot programs currently underway across the country, with an eventual full-scale rollout when Play for Education officially launches sometime this fall.

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Source: Android Developers Blog

13/04/2013 - DOJ identifies lower frequency spectrum as key to wireless competition

DOJ identifies lower frequency spectrum as key to wireless competition

The Department of Justice has provided the FCC with new recommendations for governing spectrum auctions, and with a heavy emphasis on leveling the playing field, the findings are likely to draw the ire of AT&T and Verizon. In its briefing, the DOJ made its case that the nation's two largest carriers currently hold market power, which is due to the heavy concentration of lower frequency spectrum (below 1,000MHz) allocated to the two incumbents.

According to DOJ officials, "This results in the two smaller nationwide carriers having a somewhat diminished ability to compete, particularly in rural areas, where the cost to build out coverage is higher with high-frequency spectrum." Although the DOJ never came right out and said it, one can easily surmise that it's guiding the FCC to establish rules that favor smaller carriers -- namely Sprint and T-Mobile -- in future low-frequency spectrum auctions. In the DOJ's opinion, an incumbent carrier would need to demonstrate both compelling evidence of capacity constraints and an efficient use of its current licenses in order to gain additional lower frequency spectrum. Otherwise, the opportunity exists for AT&T and Verizon to snap up licenses simply in attempt to harm competitors.

Given that the FCC and DOJ share the responsibility of ensuring competition in the marketplace, it seems unlikely that this latest brief will fall on deaf ears.

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Via: Reuters

Source: FCC (PDF)

11/03/2013 - ST-Ericsson CEO steps down without a named successor

STEricsson CEO steps down without a named successor

ST-Ericsson was already in some tumult after the ST half of the partnership said it was exiting the venture late last year. As we're discovering, there was a little more drama in store for 2013. CEO Didier Lamouche has resigned from the company for a tempting job prospect elsewhere, and there's no named replacement for him so far -- a slight problem when Lamouche will be out by March 31st. He's leaving ST-Ericsson in a better state than he found it, as the company is scoring key deals for phones like the Galaxy S III Mini while getting its LTE chip plans on track. Nonetheless, we suspect that remaining owner Ericsson will want that power vacuum filled quickly when there's already enough uncertainty ahead.

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Source: ST-Ericsson

31/01/2013 - Apple Launches iOS 6.1: Short List of Improvements
Apple has released an update package for the 6.1 version of its iOS software platform, bringing only few improvements. iOS 6.1 is a minor update designed to improve the LTE compatibility and to repair a series of vulnerabilities.

24/01/2013 - Google patent application reveals Glass-like device with bone-conduction audio

Google patent application reveals Glasslike device with boneconduction audio

As we've heard before, Google's Glass project features are "still in flux" -- could one be a bone-conduction speaker? It very well may, at least according to a US patent application published today. The gadget, described as a "wearable computing device with indirect bone-conduction speaker," appears to be similar in structure to Glass. It includes "at least once vibration transducer," so it's possible that this HMD implementation wouldn't offer stereo sound. This audio solution does seem within reach -- Panasonic had functional bone-conduction headphones at CES, and while they weren't quite loud enough to provide an earbud-like experience, they did indeed work. As with any patent application, the document confirms only that Google was considering such a technology, not that it'll actually ship a similar device. So, if you've decided that your portable audio future will be headphone-free, you might want to keep an eye on Panasonic's solution, instead.

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Source: USPTO

13/12/2012 - US court finds Apple and LG did not infringe on Alcatel-Lucent patents

US court finds Apple and LG did not infringe on AlcatelLucent patents

With all of these patent wars ongoing, it's actually astonishing that these companies have any time to get anything done. In fact, we often wonder how much more could be done if needless, incessant litigation weren't around to muck things up. All that aside, Apple and LG Electronics are likely celebrating a victory today, as a verdict in a San Diego courtroom has found that neither company infringed on an Alcatel-Lucent unit's patents for "electronic devices including phones and computers."

The trial at hand began on November 27th, as it saw A-L accuse Apple and LG of infringing up a "video-compression technology that allows data to be sent more efficiently over communications media, including the internet and satellites, or stored on DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. Various versions of the iPhone, iPod, iPad and MacBook were named on the Apple side, while LG's Chocolate Touch VX8575, Bliss UX700, Touch AX8575, Lotus Elite LX610, Mystique UN610 and Samba LG8575 were also pinpointed. Of course, Apple can only rejoice so hard -- earlier today, it lost a patent verdict to MobileMedia.

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Source: Bloomberg

14/08/2012 - Facebook smartphone denied by Zuckerberg
There were many rumors the last months about a possible release of a Facebook smartphone in the near future. We even heard of its specifications. However, they do not seem to be realistic anymore. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, "it wouldn't really make much sense" for such a move and the possibility of creating their own smartphone.

19/07/2012 - Cell Phones : [ HDTV Adapter (5 Pin) w/ HDTV Adapter Tip ] HDTV Adapter (5 Pin) w/ HDTV Adapter Tip
Stream videos, music and other multimedia from your phone to an HDTV or monitor. The perfect solution for a household with multiple Samsung smartphones, the HDTV Adapter (5 Pin) w/ HDTV Adapter Tip will assure you have a compatible adapter for any Samsung MHL-enabled smartphone. Newer smartphones are switching from a 5pin to an 11pin micro USB port to support added features. This accessory provides users the ability to stream content from phones, regardless of if they have a 5pin or 11pin micro USB port, to an HDTV with the HDTV Adapter Tip. The HDTV Adapter supports HD signals up to 1080p. In order to function, the Adapter also needs to be connected to a power source via the Micro USB port on the adapter itself. (HDMI Cable and Micro USB Travel Charger sold separately)

06/07/2012 - Nokia and Namco Bandai bring arcade classics to Asha Touch line

Nokia Asha Touch

Whoever said low-cost phones have to miss out on the portable perks? Nokia's throwing an old school bone to buyers of its budget-minded Asha Touch line, linking up with Namco Bandai to make 22 classic hits available for download. The titles, accessible now on the Nokia Store in over 52 countries, range from $0.99 to $2.99 apiece and include oldies-but-goodies like SoulCalibur, Galaga and Ace Combat. So, if you take your pared-down, 3-inch devices with a dash of retro-gaming and feel like an on-the-go session with PAC-MAN is long overdue, then you'll be well sated by this partnership nod to coin-operated gaming's past. Official PR after the break.

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19/06/2012 - First Parts of the New iPhone 5 Revealed
Apple is preparing to launch this fall the new iPhone and international expert blogs already began showing more and more items coming to support the idea that the iPhone 5 or "new iPhone" will have a larger screen and will be more efficient.

13/06/2012 - Nokia Launches Three New Phones: Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311
Nokia expands its Asha range with three new models: Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306 and Nokia Asha 311, phones with touchscreen that try to get closer as much as possible of the smartphone experience, while keeping a price as low as possible.

24/04/2012 - Gavin Kim's on the move again, joins NQ Mobile after leaving Windows Phone

Gavin Kim's on the move again, joins NQ Mobile after leaving Windows PhoneThat was quick. A mere five days after saying goodbye to his cohorts at Microsoft, former Windows Phone GM Gavin Kim has landed at Mobile NQ as its Chief Product Officer. By joining the mobile privacy and security firm, Kim will be working with a couple of former Samsung colleagues at Mobile NQ -- co-CEO Omar Khan and PR maven Kim Titus. The real question is, with this being Gavin's third career stop in a year, how long will he reunion last?

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21/04/2012 - WPC updates Qi standard, increases inductive charging distance to 40mm

WPC updates Qi standard, increases inductive charging distance to 40mm

It seems that Power Matt just got a bit more, er, powerful. The Wireless Power Consortium announced today that it's improved the Qi inductive-charging standard to "include longer range magnetic resonance wireless charging." Effectively, this means charging stations that are up to spec will be able to transmit up to 5 watts of power from distances of 40mm (up from 5mm, previously) to Qi-enabled devices. The WPC says it's ideal for pushing power through the likes tables and counter tops, and that it currently has 12 types of compatible transmitters ready for action. All in all, it certainly seems like a solid step for finally getting rid of all that cable clutter at your workstation -- especially if it'll rid users of those less-than-pretty looking charging bases. Maybe a last-minute add-on to your Uppleva, IKEA?

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WPC updates Qi standard, increases inductive charging distance to 40mm originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 20 Apr 2012 20:18:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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11/03/2012 - ReCellular's headquarters toured by iFixit, recycling and redistribution gets a closer look
ReCellular's hardly a new name in the recycling universe, but as more and more individuals toss their dumbphone for a smarter alternative, the Ann Arbor-based outfit is seeing a new wave of interest. iFixit, a company that thrives on tearing down gadgetry both new and old in order to inform people of their repair and upgrade options, recently had the opportunity to tour ReCellular's monolithic warehouse, where some 10,000 used phones are processed every 24 hours. The tour also included a bit of back-and-forth with the founder, who isn't against the seemingly endless churn of devices. In fact, he quips that "we have the right to get a phone that's smaller and a prettier color if we want," insinuating that ReCellular simply exists to provide a better home to older gizmos than in some landfill. Perhaps surprisingly, Chuck Newman even confesses that the whole "environmental message" isn't very effective, which is why it distributes prepaid envelopes to encourage recycling that would probably not happen otherwise. Eager to read more? Give those links below a tap.

ReCellular's headquarters toured by iFixit, recycling and redistribution gets a closer look originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 11 Mar 2012 17:13:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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08/02/2012 - RCA's USB Wall Charger, Just Plug It In!

"Most modern smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and other gadgets rely on USB-based chargers. Some of these come with their own AC wall adapters, while others include nothing more than a USB cable-meaning you have to plug them into your computer to get them charged."

The nice thing about this thing is that you just plug it into the existing outlet, so it's basically a cover. No need to replace the current outlet so you don't have to worry about shocking yourself silly. And it goes for the small sum of $15.00 USD at Lowes (currently out of stock in my area), or you can get it at for $12.47 USD (currently in stock with both white and almond colored versions).

27/12/2011 - Cell Phones : [ Serious Sound, EHS60 ] Serious Sound, EHS60
SAMSUNG’s EHS60 wired headset was designed to bring serious sound to the activities you find yourself doing every day, whether you’re surfing the web for viral videos or studying for that exam on Friday. Classical, rock, hip hop or country, these earphones deliver your sound in seamless definition. Noise isolating earbuds drown out background noise and improve the audio response of just about any audio device – mp3 players, smartphones, tablets, that last treadmill with a TV... even those airplane seat arms. Plus, when you use them with your phone, the built-in, in-line mic and answer key lets you pause your music to answer and make calls - so you won’t miss that call telling you when the party starts and can make that call to your Mom letting her know you’ll be a little late tonight. Whether you’re spending time with your books or with your friends, these earbuds are the perfect companion – delivering serious noise straight to your ears.

07/06/2011 - iOS 5 Launched at WWDC 2011, 200 New Features
WWDC, the annual Apple conference, passed without the much awaited launch of the iPhone 5, but the company has not left their fans empty-handed, presenting, among other, the new version of the iOS 5. iOS 5 will bring over 200 new features on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this fall, the most important being the Notification Center and the iMessage, Newsstand or PC Free systems.

07/04/2011 - Novell to Enable Development of .NET Apps for Android using Microsoft Visual Studio
Novell today announced the availability of Mono for Android, the first solution for developing Microsoft .NET applications for the Android platform using Microsoft Visual Studio. With the addition of Mono for Android to its existing Mono development tools, Novell is enabling Microsoft .NET and C# developers using Visual Studio and other environments to utilize a common code base to create applications for the industry's most widely-used mobile devices, including Android-based smartphones and tablets, Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

21/09/2010 - Samsung Launches World's First Commercially Available 4G LTE Handset: the Samsung Craft
Samsung Mobile and MetroPCS have just announced the commercial launch of the world's first 4G LTE-enabled, multi-mode, CDMA handset, the Samsung Craft (SCH-r900). Samsung Mobile also supplied the LTE infrastructure for MetroPCS' commercial launch of 4G LTE service in Las Vegas, the first in the United States.

04/08/2010 - Apple to Rise to No. 2 in Semiconductor Spending by 2011
The phenomenal success of the iPad and iPhone is expected to make Apple the world’s second-largest semiconductor buyer in 2011, potentially positioning the company to become the world’s top chip purchaser in 2012, according to iSuppli.

03/08/2010 - Brother Launches An iPhone App
Brother UK has launched the iPhone app that allows users to scan to and print from their mobile phones. The company’s iPrint&Scan is free to download and allows customers to wirelessly print from and scan to their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

28/07/2010 - Wireless Infrastructure Spending to Rise in 2011 as 4G Deployment Starts
Following two years of declining expenditures, global capital spending on wireless infrastructure equipment is set to return to growth in 2011 as carriers in the developed world start deploying next-generation 4G networks, according to iSuppli.

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